Herm Sprenger Dynamic RS Loose Ring Bit

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Herm Sprenger Dynamic RS Loose Ring Bit
The Dynamic RS bit is ergonomically designed to lie perfectly within the mouth, creating even pressure on the tongue. Through extensive research, the center lozenge has been shortened and the angle of the link is turned 45° to ensure the link rests fully on the tongue without pinching. . This well balanced design allows for a much quicker, clearer signal.The Dynamic RS bit is made using SENSOGAN, a nickel free alloy that has been improved upon for its easy acceptability by horses, taste and promoting salivation. The SENSOGAN material consists of copper, magnesium and zinc to produce its distinctive taste. The loose rings are made of stainless steel.

  • Mouth: 14mm
  • Rings: 70mm

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Brand Herm Sprenger
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