Hidez® Original Compression Mask & Neck Cover Combo

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Hidez® Original Compression Mask & Neck Cover Combo
This Hidez equine compression mask & neck cover combo is made to reduce soreness, increase flexion, and calm your equine athlete so they can perform their best.

  • compression mask and neck cover combo increases circulation to minimize muscle fatigue
  • Reduces soreness by helping to remove lactic acid lowering the likelihood of tying up
  • Increases flexion in the poll and neck
  • Can have a calming effect on nervous or spooky horses
  • Meant for use during traveling, before or after a workout. Neck cover is not for use during excercise
  • Can also help keep coat shiny and reduce insect bites
  • Fabric will keep your horse cool and dry with its moisture wicking properties
  • Mack and neck cover can be used seperately, neck cover can attach to Travel & Recovery Suit
  • Color: Black

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