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Hock Boots & Wraps for Horses

Hock Boots & Wraps for Horses
Hock Boots & Wraps for Horses
Hock boots and wraps are available to treat your horse’s hock injuries or to protect hocks from injuries and sores while stalled or trailering. Hock boots are great for horses with arthritic or capped hocks. Available as therapeutic wraps to ice, cool or laser treat hocks or as protective boots in neoprene or fleece lined. Shop hock boots and wraps from top brands like Ice Horse, Click Hock Shield, Coolaid, Veredus and more.
Equine Copper Hock Wraps
$39.99 - $69.99
Lux® Ceramic Therapy Hock Wraps

Protecting & Treating the Horse’s Hocks with Hock Boots & Wraps

It can often be frustrating to treat an injury to your horse’s hocks due to their active nature and complicated angles. Wrapping wounds and icing hocks historically were difficult, as keeping bandages and ice in place was near impossible. Thanks to innovative designs and materials, treating hock injuries have never been easier! In addition, we now have hock wraps that can help prevent wounds or sores and support horses with capped and arthritic hocks.

Therapeutic hock wraps help treat a horse with a hock injury. Whether the injury took place in the pasture, during a fall or in the trailer, a therapeutic hock boot can help. Different models include ergonomically designed wraps to provide supportive compression, hold ice packs in place or hock wraps specially designed for cold laser therapy.

If your horse is laid-up, on stall rest and spends a lot of time lying down, a hock wrap or boot can help support their hocks and protect them from bedding sores. Ergonomically shaped hock wraps are comfortable for the horse and provide the protection they need.

Trailering your horse is an activity that can rub or knock their hocks. A protective hock boot comes in handy in this situation as they are shaped to comfortably fit the horse’s hock allowing complete freedom of movement.

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