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Horse Hoof Boots

Hoof Boots
Hoof Boots
Hoof boots for horses have two main functions, to provide the barefoot horse with a shoeing alternative and to treat an injured hoof. Hoof boots provide an alternative to conventional shoeing and can help protect a barefoot or injured hoof while healing.
Dura-Tech® Protective Rubber Horse Boot
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Scoot Boot Hoof Boot Front Strap Pack
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Scoot Boot Hoof Boot Front Strap Pack
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Cavallo Gel Pads
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EasyCare Easyboot Sneaker Regular Sole
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Scoot Boot Pastern Strap Lock Pack - Set of 8
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Scoot Boot Pastern Strap Lock Pack - Set of 8
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The Best Hoof Boots for Your Horse

Hoof boots can be essential accessories in your tack kit. A healthy hoof is essential to a horse’s health and well-being, and a hoof boot can help keep it sound and free of soreness, no matter the conditions. Many riders keep a hoof boot on hand if their horse throws a shoe in the pasture or while riding. Some even keep a hoof boot on their saddle so if the shoe is lost while trail riding or out working on the ranch, they can protect the hoof the rest of the ride.

They’re also helpful protection to use if you’re transitioning a horse from wearing shoes to going barefoot. It may take a bit of time for their hoofs to toughen up, and a hoof boot can help keep them sound during the process.

Schneiders offers many innovative hoof boot designs from top brands such as Cavallo, EasyCare, Woof, Scoot, Ice Horse®, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hoof Boots

What are hoof boots for horses?

Hoof boots are boots that are worn snugly over the horse’s unshod foot to help protect hooves from chipping and are a great aid when transitioning from conventional shoes to provide the horse with extra traction and protection against stone bruises. Therapeutic horse boots can help to treat hoof injuries by keeping dressings or poultices in place and covering injuries to keep them clean.

Are hoof boots necessary?

Hoof boots are not necessary for riding an unshod horse with a healthy foot, but horses certainly benefit from the protection a well-fit boot provides, especially when they are on rough terrain or transitioning from fresh hoof trimming.

How do I choose a hoof boot?

Choose a hoof boot based on your horse's needs, much as you would select a jogger or hiking boot for yourself. Think about how he is being ridden and on what surfaces, as well as any special needs he might have when making your choice. Your farrier may help you decide. Consider the following elements:

  • Comfortable fit - A snug fit is important, but make certain that the elements of the boot that may rub your horse’s foot or skin are properly cushioned. Rolled edges and a low profile will keep him comfortable, even on a long ride. If he needs extra cushioning, look for foam inserts to add a layer of protection.

  • Sole - Choose the sole of the boot for the conditions you plan to encounter. Deep treads are great for rugged terrain, and a smooth, light sole may be a better choice for long distances. The boot's sole can help distribute your horse’s weight more evenly to ease stress points.

  • Fasteners - Some boots fasten using Velcro® brand closures, while others offer an adjustable clamp at the front of the boot. Others just pull on over the foot. Choose the one that you find easier to use and provides you with the sturdy, snug fit you desire.

How do I measure my horse’s hoof for boots?

  1. After a fresh hoof trimming, measure the width of your horse’s hoof at the widest point.

  2. Measure the length of your horse’s hoof from the toe to the buttress line. (The buttress line is where the hard wall of the hoof ends. Do not include the heel bulbs in your measurement).

  3. Compare your measurements to the size chart associated with the boot you have selected. Make sure that your measurements align with that boot style. If they do not, compare them to alternate boots–another brand or style may provide a better fit.

  4. Hoof boots are meant to be snug. If your measurements fall between sizes, you may be able to go to the next size up, but do not choose a boot that differs in one measurement by more than one size.
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