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Farrier's Fix Hoof Oil 16oz
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Farrier's Fix Hoof Oil 16oz view #1
Farrier's Fix Hoof Oil 16oz view #2
Farrier's Fix Hoof Oil 16oz view #3
Farrier's Fix Hoof Oil 16oz view #4

Farrier's Fix Hoof Oil 16oz

Item # 23016
  • Unique all natural formula developed for health and healing
  • Therapeutic topical treatment helps balance moisture contact
  • Effectively treats sore feet, dry, cracked hooves, quarter cracks and bruising
  • Helps fight bacteria that causes thrush and white line disease
  • Successfully relieves soreness associated with laminitis
  • 16 oz. with applicator
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“I originally developed this product to sell to other farriers. Like most farriers, I have always encountered the basic problems found in many horses – sore feet, thrush, feet that are either too soft or too hard and brittle, founder (laminitis), quarter cracks and white line disease. I started looking for a topical treatment and experimented with various ingredients; until I came up with what I now call Farriers’ Fix Hoof Oil.

Farriers’ Fix has ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS and those who compete can be assured that it has tested negative under FEI guidelines. Farriers’ Fix 'works like Magic' in the words of my clients. Horses that were suffering from stone bruises or were trimmed too short, in many cases, were rideable the next day – the ultimate proof of a product that works.”
-Paul Heller

Paul Heller has been a Farrier working in Westchester County, New York since 1972. He primarily shoes USEF “A” Circuit Hunters and, Jumpers as well as upper-level Dressage and Event horses, but prides himself on staying close to his roots, shoeing trail and hunt horses and those living happily in backyards!


Fix soreness:

  • The unique blend of ingredients in Farriers’ Fix penetrates the hoof capsule to draw out soreness. In many cases, horses that were suffering from stone bruises or trimmed too short, were actually rideable the next day. It’s an ideal treatment for horses that are racing, jumping and working on adverse surfaces.


Fix tender feet:

  • Farriers’ Fix has been incredibly successful on barefoot horses and ponies whose feet were getting sore. Farrier’s Fix also works well with many poultices and packings to enhance the healing process.


Fix dry, cracked hooves:

  • Many hoof oils are petroleum or lacquer based and seal in or seal out moisture. The all natural ingredients in Farriers’ Fix balance the moisture content and allow the hoof to breathe, which is essential for a healthy hoof.


Fix the need for heated venice turpentine:

  • Venice Turpentine is a primary ingredient in Farriers’ Fix. Because Farriers’ Fix remains liquid in all climates, there’s no longer any need to heat Venice Turpentine.


Fix thrush and bacteria:

  • When applied regularly, Farriers Fix can help prevent thrush and other bacteria from forming. Or, you can use it to get rid of thrush once it has started.


Founder (Laminitis):

  • Farriers’ Fix has been successful in relieving the soreness associated with laminitis and fights the bacteria that gets into the laminae.


All Natural Ingredients:
Farriers’ Fix is made with only high quality, natural ingredients that provide vitamins A, D & E – all essential for good quality hooves. There are no fillers in this hoof oil. Each ingredient used serves a specific purpose. Competitors can also be assured that Farriers’ Fix Hoof Oil has tested negative under FEI guidelines.

  • Venice Turpentine: An antiseptic that treats thrush and some of the bacteria that cause white line disease. It also toughens the hoof, making it more resilient to adverse footing conditions.
  • Cod Liver Oil: Helps to balance the moisture content and keep the hoof malleable. Cod liver oil is an excellent source of Vitamins A & D.
  • Wintergreen Oil: a catalyst that helps all the ingredients penetrate the hoof capsule is very effective in drawing out soreness. And as an added benefit, it makes Farriers’ Fix smell nice!
  • Safflower Oil: Works with the Cod Liver Oil to balance the moisture content, and contains Vitamin E.


Farriers’ Fix Hoof Oil is a therapeutic, topical treatment that benefits the entire hoof from the coronary band to the sole and frog.

For horses with hoof issues: Sore feet, quarter cracks, Laminitis, Thrush, etc.

  • Apply Farriers’ Fix Hoof Oil to clean and dry hoof exterior, sole and frog every day.
  • Allow 5-10 minutes for hoof to absorb oil before returning to stall.

For hoof maintance:

  • Apply 3x per week.

With Pads:

  • Using Farriers’ Fix under the pads helps to prevent thrush and other bacteria from forming. By painting the sole and frog and saturating the packing with Farriers’ Fix, the oil will feed into the hoof rather than wick it away. Leather pads do not break down as fast when saturated with Farriers’ Fix.

Hi Paul,
It was nice to speak with you today. I saw your name on the message and was thinking "could this be the same man that invented the Farriers' Fix that I used on my horse?" you are famous! And the oil helped my DWB a great deal with his quarter crack- so thanks for that too! Regards, Margaret M. Barese Account Executive - Equine Division Marshall & Sterling Inc.

"Just bought the big refill can! With all that wet/dry/wet weather we are having, this product keeps my Icelandic Horses' hooves balanced and healthy. The only product my farrier has ever recommended".- , Certified Icelandic Horse Trainer, High Country Icelandics, Bedford NY. Nicki Esdorn Certified Icelandic Horse Trainer, High Country Icelandics, Bedford NY.


"Dear Paul Heller,
Since I started using Farrier's Fix hoof oil as fungal and microbe control I have seen tremendous results. Alot of the horses I trim and shoe are on rocky, moist ground and I find that fungal activity runs rampant in the more warmer seasons here in Upstate NY. Due to these condition I see alot of black-fungus eaten whitelines, deterierated frogs, pitted fungus-eaten thin soles and tenderness due to the lack of protection.
My customers also love this product, as many of them have seen great results since I introduced them to "Farrier's Fix" hoof oil. I find that it not only helps prevent those stinky fungus problems, but also cures them and with less applications then any other product. "Farriers's Fix" not only penetrates but also has a residual effect, thus making the feet resistant to fungal and microbe growth with little effort. Usually only applied once a week to once everyother week. As I understand it, it actually changes the pH balance of the foot in a manner that hinders fungus and bacteria habitation. Most other products merely kill off the outer layer of infection/fungus. Those products also need a more continuous upkeep of application. It has replaced many topical ointments for thrush and fungus we have previously used. In fact, I recommend it to all my customers, especially with barefooted horses where wall and sole integrity is crucial. It has helped some of my shod horses even go barefoot, now that enough sole grows that a shoe is no longer needed to save the sole from bruising. I will continue to use and turn-on more people to this product because it not only does it work but saves time and money as well as the horse from injury. I find this product to be the most beneficial to horses in these damp, moist conditions in keeping good healthy feet." Angelo Mendolia
AFA member and Cornell Certified in Practical Horse-shoeing

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