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Bathing & Grooming

Horse Bathing and Grooming
Horse Bathing and Grooming
Treat your horse the right with high-quality horse bathing and grooming supplies. Schneiders carries equine grooming products from Insta-Hot®, Dura-Tech®, Wahl®, Ultra® and other leading companies. You’ll find everything you need to get your horse show-ready.
Electro-Groom Vacuum
Financing Available
Rapid Groom
Laube Lazor Cordpack Clipper Kit - 2 Speed
10686_yellow.jpg image
Laube Lazor Cordpack Clipper Kit - 2 Speed
Free Shipping
Groomers Edge Wall Mounted Power Clipper
Free Shipping
Groomers Edge Belt Mounted Power Clipper
Free Shipping
Insta-Hot® 2 Portable Horse Washing System
$499.99 - $644.99
$349.99 - $449.99
Andis® Pulse ZR® II Cordless Clipper
Free Shipping
Vac 'N' Blo Pro Deluxe Vacuum
Kalglo® Electric Radiant Infrared Heater
$309.99 - $319.99
3 Colors
Adjustable/Removable Weighted Show Tails
32765_darkchesnut.jpg image Adjustable/Removable Weighted Show Tails
32765_sorrel.jpg image Adjustable/Removable Weighted Show Tails
32765_black.jpg image
Adjustable/Removable Weighted Show Tails
Free Shipping
Oster Clipmaster Variable Speed Horse Clippers
Free Shipping

Horse Shampoo and Other Premium Products

Keeping your horse clean is important for both appearance and wellness. You need trustworthy, high-quality products in your horse grooming kit to get a good clean. Schneiders carries some of the very best horse grooming supplies and other daily grooming accessories at unbeatable prices. All of them promise to clean your horse's mane, coat, tail and everything else from head to hoof. Plus, when you purchase equine grooming supplies from Schneiders, you'll even get free shipping on qualifying orders.

Horse grooming kits can vary in terms of included items. However, all of them should include a rubber curry comb, medium bristle body brush, mane-and-tail comb and/or brush and a hoof pick. Some may also have a stiff brush, finishing brush and a sweat scraper. If you want to create a deluxe salon-style horse grooming kit, you may consider products like a scrubber mitt, face brush, detangler and a portable hot water system. Don’t forget a good horse grooming bag or tote to carry your supplies. Everything in our huge collection has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

How to Groom a Horse

Start with the brushes, which are some of the most important tools when it comes to horse grooming. Schneiders offers horse brush kits that will help remove dirt buildup from the skin, re-distribute the skin's natural oils and keep the horse's fur looking sleek and healthy. We offer both natural and synthetic bristle brushes as well as brushes with stiff, medium, soft and finishing bristles. Many of our brushes even feature ergonomic handles and hand straps that make them easier and more comfortable to hold. In addition to horse brushes, we also offer more intricate tools like curry combs, sweat scrapers, grooming gloves and mitts.

Next, move on to shampoo and conditioner for horses that will help to clean and condition your horse's coat on bath days. With products from brands like Farnam, EquiFUSE®, Exhibitor's Labs and more, you can be confident that you're getting only the best quality. If you're looking for more show-specific products, Schneiders also offers braiding and banding supplies like braiding sprays, rubber bands, thread and scissors to make the task easier than ever.

Sometimes a horse needs more than just a standard cleaning. Finish off your horse's bath with equine grooming supplies like coat color enhancers, finishing sprays, glosses and hoof polishes that will make your horse look their very best before the show ring. Products like cordless horse clippers and neck shapers allow you to trim manes and tails to the perfect length, shape and style. If you’re adding tail extensions for a show, use breathable horse tail bags and tail wraps to protect them from fading and breaking on show day.

What Types of Brushes and Combs Do I Need for Proper Grooming?

A rubber curry comb is used to gently stimulate the circulation in the horse's skin and muscles. At the same time, it loosens debris plus shedding hair. The dandy brush is a brush with stiff bristles that are used after the curry to clear away the heaviest portion of loosened hair and dirt. It can also remove dried mud from the horse's legs and hoof walls. If your horse is especially sensitive, they might not be able to tolerate this coarse brush, so if this is the case, choose a brush with medium stiffness instead.

A medium-soft or medium-stiff brush is an excellent overall brush to have, especially for horses that can't take a very stiff brush. A soft brush is also known as a finishing brush. It has fine, soft bristles placed close together and is designed to remove fine dust particles from the horse's coat while it smooths out the horse's hair. This brush is used to enhance the coat's natural sheen. A hoof pick is another important grooming tool. As the name suggests, it's designed to remove mud, stones, manure and other debris from a horse's hooves.

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