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Horse Bits

Our comprehensive collection of bits covers every discipline from training to professional levels.
Horse Bits
Horse Bits
FES Low Port Correction Kimberwick
Myler HBT Shank Low Port Comfort Snaffle Bit
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FES Copper Correction Bit

Western Horse Bits

Using the right bit is the key to good communication with your horse. We carry a wide selection of Western horse bits in all styles and levels of pressure, from snaffles to high ports. We also offer incredibly affordable prices on all of these high-quality bits, so you can invest in a bit that you can count on without blowing your whole tack budget. If you’re looking for a name brand Western bit without the hassle of visiting a brick and mortar tack store, Schneiders has you covered.

Correction Bits - Help with training your horse more effectively. These bits give you a bit of extra leverage while in the saddle, magnifying pressure on the chin groove and bars without releasing the tongue.

Medium & High Port Bits - Lessen the tongue pressure while increasing pressure on the palate to encourage flexing at the poll.

Shanked Snaffle Bits - Require somewhat less pressure from your hands and are instrumental in classes where limited hand movement is preferred.

Mullen & Low Port Bits - A milder bit that puts less pressure on your horse’s palate

Myler Bits - Some of the most efficient bits in terms of communication between you and your horse

Spoon Bits - Have higher ports that lay a bit flatter between the tongue and palate. These bits are designed for more refined response in cues for western disciplines.

Silver Arabian Show Bits - Beautifully etched shanks in sterling silver overlay or sterling plate, available in various mouthpieces, all with an attached slobber bar.

O-Ring Bits - Increases bit movement and puts pressure on the bars and the tongue. Loose ring bits are ideal for teaching lateral movement and improving body suppleness.

D-Rings Bits - Are instrumental in developing lateral movement and your horse’s suppleness.

Hackamore/Gag Bits - Specialty leverage devices used in training, at home or show. Hackamores rely on pressure at the cheeks and nose while the gags slide motion transfers pressure to the poll.

English Bits

The proper bit is essential to achieve the desired communication between you and your horse. We carry a wide selection of English horse bits in all styles, with something for every discipline.

D-Ring Bits - Instrumental in the development of lateral movement. Top choice for Hunter riders.

Loose Ring Bits - Helps develop lateral movement. Ideal for young horses. Top choice for Dressage riders.

Eggbutt Bits - One of the best bits for new riders or young horses. A good alternative to a loose ring snaffle.

Full Cheek Bits - Offers better support and can help develop flexion and lateral movement. Bit loops are added to concentrate pressure onto the tongue and bars of the mouth.

Happy Mouth Bits - The latest technology is highlighted in these soft, flexible bits. Readily accepted by horses because of the Apple scented space age polymer.

Kimberwick Bits - Use D-shaped rings plus a curb chain to increase leverage. Commonly used for English riding and driving and can be used by younger riders who have trouble controlling a pony with an ordinary snaffle bit.

Bradoon Bits -Used with curb or Weymouth bits on double or full bridles. Bradoons sit above the curb bit putting pressure on the tongue and regulate horizontal flexion and impulsion. Used for FEI Dressage or in some breed class.

Weymouth Bits - Used with a bradoon and a double bridle promote flexion and encourage collection while using the most subtle of cues. Used for FEI Dressage or in some breed class.

Pelham Bits - Operates as both a direct action and leverage bit.

Curb Bits - Long shanked curb bits are used with a bradoon to make up a full or double bridle on gaited horses. Curb bits put pressure on the bar and palate via the curb chain and regulate vertical flexion.

Half Cheeks - Half cheek bits are most commonly used in driving or training. Lower arm prevents the small rings from being pulled through the mouth.

No matter what type of bit you’re looking for, you’ll find it at Schneiders. We offer high-quality bits from manufacturers like Herm Sprenger, Stubben, Dutton, Happy Mouth, Metalab, Professional’s Choice®, Weaver Leather®, and Myler. We also offer free shipping on orders over $100 and 10 percent off on any purchase of three FES, Robart™ or Billy Royal® bits.

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