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Blanket Hoods & Neck Covers

Horse Blanket Hoods and Neck Covers
Keep your horse warmer, dry, and cleaner when the weather gets rough by adding a horse blanket hood and neck cover to your horse’s winter blanket. With options for both stable blanket hoods and neck covers, or waterproof turnout neck covers, your horse can be covered from head to toe.
Dura-Tech® VIKING Solid Pony Neck Cover
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Dura-Tech® VIKING Solid Pony Neck Cover
36562_purple.jpg image Dura-Tech® VIKING Solid Pony Neck Cover
36562_royal.jpg image
Dura-Tech® Viking Classic Euro 220g Medium Weight Pony Turnout Blanket Neck Cover
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When to Use Horse Blankets with Neck Covers or Hoods

We do our best to keep our horses warm during the winter months, but sometimes a winter blanket alone isn’t enough. Adding a horse blanket hood or a horse neck cover can be just that extra detail needed to ensure your horse is staying nice and cozy when the temperatures start to drop.

Blanket hoods and neck covers come in many sizes and styles to match your existing horse blankets. It is important to decide what type of horse hood or neck cover you need and which existing, or new, blanket you want to use it with. Some hoods attach with snaps while others have their hook and loop or snap systems to connect to their brand of blankets. Picking out a matching hood or neck cover can give your horse blanket wardrobe that professional and seamless look, also making it easy for barn staff to know which blanket goes to which hood or neck cover.

You can find hoods and neck covers in different levels of warmth and fill from a neck cover with no fill that would attach to a turnout sheet and just offer a barrier from rain, snow, and wind without adding warmth. Others come in lightweight fill (80-200 grams), medium weight fill (200-300 grams), or heavy weight fill (300+ grams) for those bitter cold days.

You can use our easy Blanket Fit Finder tool or get help choosing the right amount of warmth based on the weather conditions with our handy Horse Blanketing 101 Guide.

Frequently Asked Questions About Horse Blanket Hoods and Neck Covers

Does my horse need a blanket hood?

If your horse spends time outside in the elements without ample shelter, adding a waterproof horse neck cover or hood to your blanket is a great way to offer them move coverage from the cold, wind, rain, or snow.

Does my horse need a neck cover?

If your horse is turned out during bad weather, especially in the winter when the cold, wind, rain, or snow can come at a moment's notice, adding a neck cover is an easy way to give them more coverage from the elements. If your horse is body clipped or has a short coat, using a neck cover can help keep them warmer and slow down the hair from getting too fuzzy in the winter.

What are horse hoods used for? Why do horses wear hoods?

A horse blanket with a hood or a horse neck cover is used to give your horse more protection from the elements and cold, whether you want to keep them drier and warm during turnout, or keep a clipped horse warmer when they are stabled and the temperatures start to drop. Horse hoods can help keep a coat show-ring ready, or keep your horse clean between baths when you are at a competition.

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