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Dura-Tech® Waterproof/Breathable Quarter Sheet
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31992.nv.a.zoom.jpg : 4

Dura-Tech® Waterproof/Breathable Quarter Sheet

Item # 31992
This waterproof exercise sheet protects the horse, rider and saddle from cold rain while warming the horse’s hind quarters and rider’s legs. The warm, fleece underside keeps the horse’s muscles loose and riders legs toasty while chasing away the numbing effects of the cold.

Features include:

  • 600 denier polyester outer shell is durable, waterproof and breathable
  • Polar fleece lining for added warmth
  • Velco closure holds tight around the waist
  • Colors: Orange or Navy
  • Sizes: 54” (under 15.2), 57” (15.2-16H) or 61” (over 16H)


Item Options / Availability Quantity Price
$89.99 $59.99

so so quarter sheet


it is water proof which is nice for riding in the rain, but it doesnt fit the contour of the horse very well and only comes in 2 colors and the orange color is crazy bright like true hunter "don't shoot me" orange!


Purcellville, VA


We both love this quarter sheet


I've been using the bright orange sheet for around a year now - my horse has PSSM2 so it's critical to keep him warm in winter. I position this over a thin western blanket pad and under the bareback pad, and it works great. Butt string keeps it from flipping up in the wind. The hunter orange version is visible from a long way away - people hunt all around our property so visibility is imperative.

Chocolate Horse Ranch



Great for riding in freezing temps


I live in northern Utah and use this when it is below 20-25° F. I rode this morning and the temp was around 10° F. I do not have access to an indoor arena and am very grateful for this product on days like today. My coat , gloves and helmet with ear muffs underneath keep my top half warm. This keeps me warm and dry from the waist down. I rode for an hour doing mostly walking and only a little bit of trot and canter. I was comfortable the entire ride :)


Smithfield, UT


I would buy this product again


I ride outside a lot to keep my horse trail fit, and this keeps us very warm and dry. It fits my horse well, but the closure around my waist is big, so I need to add additional Velcro strips to tighten it. Love the bright orange for riding to the trail which is a little ways down my road.






I had been wanting a hunter orange quarter sheet for November riding. Its deer hunting season in our area, not that we go into the woods, but at least riding along the road, you feel visible. And it was cozy in there with my horse's body heat.




The perfect half sheet for me.


All of the above: waterproof, warm and bright orange! If it's raining, I cover the saddle and walk my mare to the arena, then put it on over her rump.




great quarter sheet


a must have for cold weather riding!




I would buy this product again


I use this when it rains. It does the job.



Love this quarter sheet. It is warm and waterproof.


I use this on cold days for training.


Bensalem, PA


I would buy this product again.


I bought this for my daughter for warm up before lessons because her horse doesn't get much of a winter coat. She hasn't had much of an opportunity to use it as it hasn't been that cold this year but she hasn't had any complaints about it. It is extremely durable as her horse is a blanket tosser. It is hanging on a hook outside her stall and she toss one end of the blanket up and over the stall until it either catches on another hook or goes flying down the aisle. When it catches on the other hook she will rest her head in it. And the blanket looks the same, except for being dirty, as the day we got it.


Seattle, Wa


Dura-Tech® Waterproof/Breathable Quarter Sheet

4.8 44


Does this have any straps or fasteners as way to keep over the riders legs?

Sallie Scovill

No it does not have straps to attach to the legs. It does have a velcro closure that fastens around the waist.


Does it have a tail cord that goes under the tail to keep it in place.


Yes, it does have a tail cord.


Can you use with a western saddle? If so should you size up since they're bigger than english

Baylee Cunningham

You can use the quarter sheet for both English and Western. The sheets are sized by the size of the horse so you should be okay with ordering according to those dimensions.


How do you measure a horse for a quarter sheet? Height alone might not give an accurate fit. What if a horse is tall but the back is shorter? Having ordered a great sheet from Schneider before but having to swap sizes, you make if very expensive to exchange. I want to get it right the first time.


Thank you for your question. You can also select sizing based on the size blanket your horse wears as well. The size 54" sheet should fit horses who wear blanket sizes 74-76, the size 57" sheet should fit horses with blanket sizes 78-80 and the 61" sheet should fit horse who wear blanket sizes 82-86.


I would measure from the girth area, ( from the elbow) to the dock. I love this quarter sheet because it is waterproof along with giving warmth to the back.


Can this be used under the saddle flaps? So not used over the rider's legs?


No, this is meant to go over the rider's legs.

Customer Service