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Mosquito Mesh Fly Neck Cover
17284.a.zoom.jpg : 3
Mosquito Mesh Fly Neck Cover view #1
Mosquito Mesh Fly Neck Cover view #2
17284.bl.a.zoom.jpg : 4
17284.gr.a.zoom.jpg : 4

Mosquito Mesh Fly Neck Cover

Spring Fly Sheet Sale! Up to 35% off select fly sheets & accessories.
Item # 17284

This neck cover protects against all biting insects and even tiny gnats; while the extra fine window screen mesh shapes itself to the horse. 

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Hood and Neck Cover Size Guide


52 - 66
68 - 76
78 - 82
82 - 86
X-Large (Big Fella)
84 - 86
XX-Large (Big Fella)
88 - 94

If you have any questions about this product or a type of fit, please contact us at 1-800-365-1311 or service@sstack.com

$59.99 $44.99

Features Include:

  • Extra fine window screen mesh
  • Protects against the smallest biting insects, including gnats, as well as large flies
  • Allows maximum air flow
  • Stays cool, does not heat up in the sun
  • Provides 60% UV protection
  • Holds up well for turnout
  • Attaches with 2 carabiner clips and with 1 center elastic strap. Carabiner clips included.
  • Provides additional fly and sun protection.
  • Nylon lined over mane
  • 2 Year Guarantee
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large
  • Colors: Light Blue, Green
  • Matches the Mosquito Mesh Fly Sheets

Great at keeping the mosquitos off


This did great at keeping mosquitos off my horses neck




The best one I have tried


Protects neck and mane. My horse can't rub the mane out. No more bug bites!


Micanopy FL




Fits great, lots of coverage. Love how breathable it is. I also like the added attachment at the withers from the hood to the fly sheet, helps it stay in place very well


Lexington, KY

can you sew


great fit, does a good job keeping flies away but just like the sheet I bought, the mesh comes loose from the trim when the stitching rips

Sonny girl



Good neck cover


Keeps my mare cooler than her Rambo one did, and protects her mane when she rubs.


Tunbridge VT


Oh yes! Great product!


I bought the mosquito fly sheets earlier this summer because the mosquitos, flies and bugs were so bad. They were very effective so I got the neck covers for full body coverage. The horses seem to appreciate them! It makes them more comfortable and are not all irritated from bug bites!


Greenwood, De.


Does it's job well


Absolutely lovely neck cover, the mosquito mesh does its job very well. My mare had welts on her from bug bites and after buying this and the blanket they disappeared and she was much more comfortable. Unfortunately to make this as light weight as it is, it makes it a bit flimsy and prone to rips, so if you have a horse that is rough on blankets, this might not be the best option. My mare went 2 months without creating a large rip.


Madison, WI


Light weight and durable


My horse wears this all day long. It's held up from playing with his neighbors, stays in place and doesn't cause him to overheat (He runs hot).


Golden, CO


Definitely works!


The bugs this summer have been beyond awful, and coupled with the insane humidity, we really needed something to protect his neck. Normally my horse fusses about too much clothing, but a cover is preferable to welts rising along both sides of his neck. The medium is a good fit (size 76) for my 16 hand Thoroughbred, and pretty much stays in place during rolling in the dirt to scratch those itchy spots.

Ted's Mom

St. Louis


Excessive Sweating


I live around Charlotte NC and my AQHA gelding is outside 24/7. While this fly sheet has held up, my horse sweats uncontrollably. He is LATHERED when I get there at 6 pm to ride and I have to hose him down before I can groom him. My farrier even mentioned that he was worried for my horses safety because of the amount he was sweating. I have switched him back to his Amigo Mio fly sheet because even when he sweated underneath, it was able to evaporate.


Charlotte, NC


Mosquito Mesh Fly Neck Cover

4.6 146


Will this neck cover come in small to fit with the mosquito mesh pony fly sheet?


The small size should be available in the spring of 2019.


I'm ordering two HYBRID VTEK MOSQUITO MESH FLY SHEETS. Does this Mosquito Mesh Fly Neck Cover work with the Hybrid sheets?


Hello and yes I think it will if that particular sheet has small Dee rings on the  shoulder part of the sheet.


Yes, the Mosquito Mesh neck cover will work with the Hybrid fly sheet.


Hi There, The neck cover attaches to the fly sheet that I have via clips on either side near the shoulder and also on the top via an elastic strap. In the picture of the hybrid I see the clips on the side but can't see if there's one near the withers.


There is no Dee ring on the withers for the Hybrid sheet to attach the neck cover to currently. I asked Schneiders after getting both about how to attach it and they said "The Hybrid sheet has been re-designed with a Dee ring on the wither and will be available for the 2019 season" so when that one is available it will attach fine.


How do you attach the mosquito mesh fly neck cover with the carbiners and strap that came with it?


Front strap connects to fly mask. Back strap connects to D ring on top of the fly sheet. Carabiniers connect to side D rings on sheet.


There are rings on each shoulder for the caribiner clips and on at the wither for the strap.


There are three d rings on the matching sheet. Two on each side of the neck and one at the withers for the elastic attachment. I have not attached the poll at all. Still stays up.


There are rings on the main sheet that you clip on to.  Best, Cynthia


Anyone have input as to how the neck cover sizes run? I have a 17hh long necked TB who has had both an 80 and an 82 in the mosquito mesh sheet. I am not sure if I should go with the large, or x-large as I am concerned one could wind up too tight and the other too loose. Thanks!


By height I would say XL but by blanket size the horse is wearing I would say large because he seems slight bodied.

Customer Service

Hood and Neck Cover Size Guide


52 - 66
68 - 76
78 - 82
82 - 86
X-Large (Big Fella)
84 - 86
XX-Large (Big Fella)
88 - 94

If you have any questions about this product or a type of fit, please contact us at 1-800-365-1311 or service@sstack.com

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