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Heavy Duty Miniature Comfort Plus Fly Mask

Heavy Duty Miniature Comfort Plus Fly Mask

Spring Fly Sheet Sale! Up to 35% off select fly sheets & accessories.
Item # 18233
  • Soft lycra for secure fit and comfort
  • Extra fine mesh over face and ears eliminates pests and shades eyes and face from sun
  • Made as #18876 in Miniature Horse sizes
  • Made with stronger mesh for extensive turnout
  • Sizes: Weanling, Small Adult, Average Adult, Large Adult
full description
Item Options / Availability Quantity Price
$29.99 $21.99
Now the Heavy Duty Comfort Plus Fly Mask offered in Miniature sizes! Soft lycra for secure fit and comfort. Extra fine mesh over face and ears. Full chin to jowl zipper for easy on/off. Sizes: Weanling, Small Adult, Average Adult, Large Adult.

Great fitting and Reasonably Priced


Use this for when bugs are bad on the trails. Also use during turnout


Reedsville, WI


I wouldn't order this again


Not used due to malfunctioned, yet heavy duty zipper.




Best Mini Fly Mask


This could be made cheaper if it did not have a zipper. I have never used the zipper and my Minis know to just stick their head through the corral to put it on each morning.


Jamul, CA


I Have Bought These Time & Time Again and Will Keep Buying


Love these fly masks. They fit well and are easy to wash/clean. My horses all wear them well and seem to like them!




Fly Mask purchased for mini horse


I hoped that the very fine mesh on this mask would allow my nearly blind mini to see through. The mesh did work for that intention. The bad news is the zipper under the chin. I had so much difficulty trying to zip the darn thing that I stopped using it after he wore it twice. The underside of the mini is not visible and I had to try to zip it by feel. My horse is patient and did cooperate, but I just had to give up. Perhaps my arthritic fingers were a contributing factor.


Waupun, WI


would not buy again


too big


canby, or


I would buy this product again.


Bought this for my 28" high mini horse. Small fit him perfectly. Stays on all day until I take it off at night. Nice quality and doesn't bother his eye lashes.


Sunbright, TN


These fly masks fit our large minis perfect.


Our minis take the Velcro fly masks all all the time, these have zippers and stay on


Southwick, Ma


Great Mask


Fitting minis with any tack is a challenge. I've gone through numerous other masks with little success because they were too thick or the eyes were too snug. I love this mask because it doesn't touch their eyes & lashes.


Pinehurst, NC


The best face protection when driving!


I don't use these in turnout, as my boys would probably rub them off. I specifically purchased my first one to use when driving. These fit very well and have ample room over the blinkers. I like the ease of use and the fact that eyes and ears are protected. Washed very well. I happily ordered a second this spring for my other driving pony! Would be nice to have some color options, but if one color means keeping the price reasonable then I'm fine with that. The large size fits my 36" B mini and my 38 " grade Shetland perfectly.




Heavy Duty Miniature Comfort Plus Fly Mask

4.5 64


An observation, not a question... every single question on this product is about what size to buy! The manufacturer really needs to provide measurements or at least relate sizes to standard mini horse sizes/head types. Size A, B, Breed, refined head or not... height.. weight... something more definitive than small, average, large.


They are VERY small. Did not fit my mini Sent from my Verizon 4G LTE smartphone


Thank you for your suggestion and I have passed it on to our product designer.


These masks are awesome! We have a 31 inch tall mini/pony. The average adult size fits him perfectly.


I have a Welsh sec. A pony. 11.1H. 500lbs. I'm having a hard time finding a fly mask to fit his head size as well as giving enough room for his eyes as Welsh have a broad forehead and large eyes. Horse weanling halter and other fly masks have fit though a little on the large size. This mask looks like it would give ample eye room but I'm not sure what size to get. Would the large mini be too small?


I got the large mini for and 11 hand 300 pound pony with a very small head, fits well. Plenty of room his eys and the material keeps it shape well. He is not super wide thru the eye's. He wears foal/pony fly mask in other brands, yearling is too big. Sent from my Verizon 4G LTE smartphone


I kind of think the large mini would be too small.


I'm thinking that the large mini should fit. The lycra is quite stretchable. What you don't want is a gap at the throat latch, which will allow flies to enter (which will happen if the mask is too big). If that happens, return it and get a medium. You needn't worry about the eye room because the fine mesh is quite ample and does not rest on the eye area at all. Overall, I think you'll be very happy with this mask. It does not make the animal sweat and is very soft, but durable. If your pony rubs alot, though, he can eventually tear the mask. It's not as indestructible as the stiffer fly masks. So it's a trade-off. Good luck!


The mini size I ordered for my 32" little gelding was way too small. It has a zipper underneath that is awkward. No way I could get it on his head, anyway. I kept it too long to return, so still have it.


Try tough 1 miniature lycra fly mask Sent from my Verizon 4G LTE smartphone


The sizes are based on a miniature horse, correct? I.e., the weanling size is for a miniature horse weanling, NOT a "regular" weanling?


These are miniature horse sizes for all of them.

Customer Service

Bought a small adult Heavy Duty Mini Comfort Plus Fly Mask for my 28" inch mini who has a large head and it would not even come close to fitting. He has a very broad head; should I try an average adult or a large adult on him? (the small adult wouldn't even fit my very refined yearling stud without difficulty)Can you give any measurements that could help me find the correct fit?


This material is very form fitting and can be tight. If he has a broad head, a large adult might be a better choice.

Customer Service

I have a 39" mini, what size would I get?


It depends if the head is more refined or broader. A refined face would typically take an average adult and a broader head would take a large adult.

Schneiders Saddlery Customer Service

Could this possibly work for a stock horse foal?

Jen K

This could potentially fit a stock horse foal, but with such size variance in head size there is no guarantee.

Schneiders Saddlery Customer Service

What size would be suitable for a mini donkey?


The ears are not sized for a miniature donkey, either size is unlikely to properly fit.

Schneiders Saddlery Customer Service