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Mosquito Mesh Fly Mask with Ears
17285.a.zoom.jpg : 3
Mosquito Mesh Fly Mask with Ears view #1
Mosquito Mesh Fly Mask with Ears view #2

Mosquito Mesh Fly Mask with Ears

Item # 17285

Protect not only your horse's face but their ears as well, with our extra fine window screen mesh in our mosquito mesh fly mask.

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Best Fly Protection
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how to measure for a fly mask
Full Size
Blue (in stock)
$29.99 $7.99

Features Include:

  • Extra fine window screen mesh protects against the smallest biting insects, including gnats.
  • Provides maximum air flow
  • Stays cool in the sun
  • Offers 60% UV protection.
  • Good durability for turnout
  • Well shaped over eyes
  • Fleece covered elastic binding at nose & crown
  • Slot at poll to allow neck cover attachment
  • Secure Velcro fastening
  • Fly Mask Measurement Guidelines. Click Here
  • Sizes: Cob or Full Size

Would buy agin


Purchased two but Have not used these mask yet. I bought them for next fly season and will purchase again if they prove to be good fit and work well. Trust Schneiders products.


Shenandoah Valley Virgina

A good product and it fits well.


Use it on my Arabian gelding. It fits him well and he comes in from the pasture with the fly mask on. It does not seem to bother him to wear it.


Hamlin, Pa.


I'm very pleased. They are sturdy and protect ears as well.


I like these masks very much. They are tough enough to be worn out in the pasture. I also like that they protect the ears.

vintage barrel racer

Paradise, TX


Not the greatest fly mask ever


Not terrible, but it didn't last long although my mare isn't hard on fly masks (the fleece edging came off). It doesn't have a layered velcro fastener (where one side is sandwiched between the other side pieces) so it doesn't stay on very well; I spent as much time looking for it in the pastures as she did wearing it. And there's no forelock hole, which I really like--seems cooler, keeps the forelock from matting, and provides a convenient hanging hook. So just a basic fly mask--not great, not terrible. : )

Ride as soon and often as possible

Stow, MA


Best fly mask


All 3 of our horses wear these mesh masks. They never come off and are comfortable around the ears and eyes. Easy to clean in bucket of cold water. Last all season.


Hudson Falls, NY


Mosquito Mesh Fly Mask with Ears

4.4 75


I am interested in the mosquito fly mask for a petite 15hh quararab mare. I am not sure if I should get her the cob size or the full size. Also she has a turtle fur winter blanket in a size 74 and not sure if I should get the mosquito mesh fly sheet in 74 or 72.. thanks


If she is very petite, the cob size will probably be the best fit. Blankets/sheets can vary in size per brand and our sheets run true to size. When ordering, first measure your horse and order that size.


How many velcro fasteners does this mask have and where are they located?


Hi this mask has two Velcro straps. I have only used it twice. I tried it on both of my horses and haven't used it since. The dart for the eyes is sewn to short and it presses on their eyes and makes them water. I would not recommend this product. I purchase a regular horse size and my horses are Tennessee Walkers one 15 hands and 16 hands. The masks from the local stores fit better. Hope this helps  


There are 2 Velcro fasteners that go across under the head. The one closest to the neck is about 6 inches long and one inch wide. The second one is closer to the mouth and is about 4 inches long and 1/2 inch wide. Both are attached to elastic that allow you to adjust how tightly the straps fit. A problem that I have discovered is that the elastic allows the mask to slip off when the horse rolls and rubs his head on the ground. Sent from my iPhone


I think there are 3. This is a great mask and you will be able to make many adjustments to fit your horse. Best face mask I have ever bought. I am sure if you are not happy with it that they will take it back. I'll guarantee it.


2-located near the throat latch and several inches down near the cheek/jaw. Sent from my iPhone


There are 2 elastic velco fasteners under the jawline. One is toward the muzzle end and the other is under the jowl.


I was actually planning on returning this mask because it did not fit either of my horses.  The mesh was too near their eyes. Nice quality though.   ( I have quarter horses with refined heads) Carolyn Norberg


Does this fly mask run big or small? My horse usually fits into a "large pony" fly mask, so I'm not sure if I should be picking cob or full size.


If you normally are in large pony. I would say to go with the cob size.

Customer Service

how to measure for a fly mask
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