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Dura-Nylon® Expandable Bellyband Pony/XL Foal Stable Blanket
17142.a.zoom.jpg : 3
Dura-Nylon® Expandable Bellyband Pony/XL Foal Stable Blanket view #1
  • Dura-Nylon® Expandable Bellyband Pony/XL Foal Stable Blanket view video
  • Dura-Nylon® Expandable Bellyband Pony/XL Foal Stable Blanket

    Item # 17142

    Made of durable 420 denier nylon, 6 oz. (180gm) fiberfill insulation and a maintenance free nylon lining. The bellyband style blankets have overlap fronts which adjust to allow expansion as the foal grows. Ranges from 45" - 52"

    Item Options / Availability Quantity Price
    $59.99 $34.99

    I would not buy this exact product again


    In cold weather I put the horse in his stall with this blanket on. It is very easy to put on the horse. The Velcro breast strap does not work very good. Straps, clips, and D rings would be better. It did not come with straps for the D rings for the hind legs. I had to take two off an old blanket


    New Orleans, LA


    I would if I had another smaller pony


    Had to send it back. Was hoping it would be big enough because the pony already had a 52 inch turnout and I LOVE it. Was wanting something for his belly and this was the only thing that came close. If there had been a 52 inch turnout with a belly band I would have bought that. Really hard to find pony stuff....you guys are the best.




    I love this coat!


    I love the belly band and it adjusts nicely. It goes all the way to her tail. I love the color and weight. Easy clean up too.


    Chicago IL


    I absolutely would buy this again


    These hold up well on the weanlings they are intended for.


    Newark Ohio


    Fits a little short but great for the price


    Very warm and waterproof. Durable as well. Fits a little short length wise on my 5 month old Tb.




    Just bought it. Foal blankets getting too big. Has helped tw


    Cold weather

    Horse crazy

    Oshoto, Wyoming.


    Great for layering during changing weather


    I'm using this as an extra layer underneath a standard waterproof blanket for my miniature horse. My pony is old and thin, and in Minnesota the winters are brutal. It's extra warm, so it's nice to use underneath. The velcro allows custom fit without buckles. I haven't used it as-is, but may do so, since it's thicker than his regular blanket.

    Andover Horse Mom

    Andover, MN


    Needed bigger blanket but this one will work for now


    I needed a bigger blanket. But mainly it worked. Keep weanling dry. I measured wrong, I will keep for future or donate to horse rescue.


    fountain colorado

    Nice Blanket


    I bought this for my 4 month old filly as regular foal blankets are too small for her. It took a few days for her to get used to the sound of Velcro but once she got used to it, it is easy to put on and take off. One problem I have is she is able to undo the front Velcro closure across her chest. She thinks it is fun to undo it, and my other horses like to undo the 2 Velcro straps that go under her belly. I had to punch a hole in the front closure and use cord to tie it together so she could not undo it. I also added the leg bands in the back to keep it in place. Because of my other horses undoing her belly Velcro straps, I have to duct tape over both straps or she is able to get the blanket off. With these modifications It works well to keep her warm and dry.


    Blackfoot, Idaho


    Good coat, Good price


    I have a lovely Shetland who's hair is always shorter than my minis. I like to blanket him in the colder weather but sometimes blankets his size are hard to find so I went with this foal blanket and it fits him just fine. I like the belly and front closures instead of buckles or hooks and frankly I like not having leg straps. He always rolls when he goes out to graze but this stays in place better, at least so far!

    Happy Horse Lady



    Dura-Nylon® Expandable Bellyband Pony/XL Foal Stable Blanket

    4.6 47


    is this blanket water proof?


    No, this is not waterproof. This is a midweight stable blanket.