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UltraFlex® Stretchy Mesh Stable Slicker Hood

UltraFlex® Stretchy Mesh Stable Slicker Hood

Item # 13934
This stretchy mesh slicker hood is designed for indoor use to keep help keep manes in place and braids and bands clean, protected and dust free while at shows. The breathable stretchy mesh is much cooler than lycra and has extra-large eye and ear holes to enhance overall comfort. A high quality full separating zipper allows for easy on/off.

Features include:

  • Not intended for turnout fly protection
  • Made of a lightweight durable stretchy mesh material
  • Extra-large lined eye and ear holes for enhanced comfort
  • High quality full separating zipper for easy on/off
  • Seamless construction with comfortable fleece lining under the nose
  • Color: White
  • Sizes: Small (64-68), Medium (70-74), Large (76-80), X-Large (80-86)
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Size Guide for UltraFlex® Lycra Stretch Horsewear


If you have any questions about this product or a type of fit, please contact us at 1-800-365-1311 or service@sstack.com

$79.99 $54.99

I love this product!


I have three of these hoods. They protect my horses' bands. They are durable and stay in place. This is the perfect hood for using at shows during the warm spring, summer, and fall months.




I have three of these hoods!


This hood is perfect for shows during the warm summer months.




Wonderful Summer Hood!


Awesome fit , zipper is good.

Ryders mom

Portland ,ct


Stayed on and kept braids in place on s yearling colt.


Use only at shows for braids


Vidalia GA


Alternate use: Allergy Horse


Using on my culicoides allergy prone horse. She's rubbed her mane out every summer that I've had her; so I wanted to try something different. This hood has worked like a champ. I've even turned her out in it (shhhh). It has some snags; but, no complaints here since this item is intended for indoor use only. Now if I could just get a full body sleeve made if this stuff...




UltraFlex® Stretchy Mesh Stable Slicker Hood

4.6 99


Would this work to keep mosquitoes from biting a horse or would they be able to bite through the fabric? And if you say that it'd work for mosquitoes and it doesn't could I return it and get my money back?


This mesh slicker hood is not recommended for outdoor use and with the tight stretch mesh fit against the neck, mosquitos would be able to bite through the material. We do carry Mosquito Mesh flysheets and neck covers that are designed to protect horses from biting insects.


Can it be embroidered over the nose?


I'm sure it can be embroidered across the noseband by an embroiderer that can accommodate the narrower area to work on. Unfortunately, we don't have the equipment to embroider on that narrow of a surface.


I love it for the airy light weight feel. I, personally, would say no. The mesh feels real fragile it be embroidered. Mine got a stain on it first time out and it doesn't come out. I'm to afraid to bleach it.  Sent from my iPhone


It would be difficult  Sent from my iPhone


Can this be embroidered on?


Although I have not personally done any embroidery on this fabric, I do not see why it would not be possible.


This sleazy is very lightweight and stretchy; I doubt that it will be suitable for embroidery. Sent from my iPhone


Yes it can.


Is it true to size?


Yes it is true to size we have a 17.1 appendix that we bought an XL for and it fits him great! Sent from my iPhone


Yes, it fits my yearling filly perfect. Sent from Samsung tablet


Yes, the run true to size.


Yes it is! Sent from my iPad


Our quarter horse wears a size 86 sheet/blanket; however, in the slicker hoods, I always order Large and they fit well.    


I believe so. I have a 17.3 QH, XL fits him great.  


My horse developed a serious eye abscess in his eye and has had surgery as a result of it. He has had a port installed in his eye lid to deliver medication directly into his eye. The process has caused him to itch and rub his port lose or detach it, too, many times - which could effect the outcome. I am ordering the slicker to try and protect the port line. What is the rough opening measurement of the eye hole? I am also trying to attach (maybe with velcro) a "drip cloth" to catch drainage from his eye that is irriating the skin under his eye. Do not worry, if I sense it will create a problem, I will never impliment the idea, but I am going to try.

Smokey's Mom

It would depend on what size you are ordering. I order an extra large and it's a 5 x 7" diameter eye hole when it's on.


The eye holes are plenty large and are hard to measure exactly because of the stretch. The slicker should help hold the lines in place and also help keep the drip cloth in place to protect his skin from the drainage. You could also put a set of half or full cup blinkers over the slicker hood to protect the eye and the port when your horse rubs.


will this keep a horse clean from manure stains and dust?


It should ..It's used in summer because it's cooler...They do have a heavier hood ...It's is a mesh.. Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE DROID


Yes it will help keep horses clean and dust free. The stretchy mesh fabric is great for the summer months.


Yes it will. I use this at summer shows in place of a lycra slinky. The horses don't sweat in the mesh slinkies. Sent from my iPhone


Yes but it is mesh. Sent from my iPhone


Doing a great job on my bay mare. And cooler than others I've tried. Susan


How well does this hood work in terms of training their mane? I am looking for a tight hood for a small 2yr old mustang to train her mane to one side, so I need it to be snug around their neck to keep the mane in place.

khaleesi's angel

I love this slicker hood for hot weather. It keeps my horse clean and his bands tidy.


This is lightweight and fits well. I think it would work well. I use it at shows to protect banding and braids. Sent from my iPhone


Have there been any issues with the head part being pulled into the eye area by rubbing or a pasture mate and causing eye problems? Have seen this happen with sleezy hoods and I am wondering if it would also happen with this one. I plan on using it under my horse's fly sheet to keep his shoulders from being rubbed raw.


We have not had issues with the slicker moving around and going into the eye. You do not want to turn a horse out with other horses while wearing the slicker hood. If you are looking for shoulder protection to avoid rubbing under a sheet we recommend UltraFlex® Shoulder Guard, item #10545.

Schneiders Saddlery Customer Service

Does this have a girth band to keep it in place?


Yes, it has elastic girth with Velcro.

Community Answer

This does have a girth band to securely keep it in place.

E. Schwartz

Size Guide for UltraFlex® Lycra Stretch Horsewear


If you have any questions about this product or a type of fit, please contact us at 1-800-365-1311 or service@sstack.com

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