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Dura-Tech® VIKING Solid Pony Turnouts

Dura-Tech® VIKING Solid Pony Turnouts

Pattern: Solid
Item Options / Availability Quantity Price

Heavyweight (380 gm)

$94.99 $74.99

Midweight (220 gm)

$84.99 $64.99

Sheet (no insulation)

$69.99 $54.99
Matching Accessories Options / Availability Quantity Price

Matching Neck Cover (220 gm)

$49.99 $39.99

Constanly had to fix stitching. :(


As far as keeping the ponies warm, they did the job. They run big, so they didn't fit the greatest on any of the ponies. The hind leg straps don't stay adjusted, so they were always loose and made fit worse. Also, the snaps jam shut and will not open. I literally had to use pliers every time to get them to open and close. The thing that was the most annoying however, was the fact that the stitching leg go in ALL of them. Not just one or two, but all of them. Thankfully I have a sewing machine I can do my own repairs with, rather than having to return blankets in the middle of winter, but it definitly did not make me happy.

Pony Girl

Emmett, ID


Fits perfect , very durable


I would recommend this product to anyone looks for one.

Barrel racer

Mitchell, SD


Great blanket. Fits well.. Superior construction


Bought this for my 13.1 hand welsh pony. Using it as lightweight turnout. It has already been subjected to mud, rain and wind. Holding up great. Fits the pony very well. Planning on buying 2 more for my other two horses. Great price, great fit.


Northwest, NJ


I would buy this product again


My granddaughter loved this for her pony.


Mineral, Va


All of your blankets are very good except for the leg straps


, I purchased several of these blankets and halfway through the winter months the leg straps become very loose and cause the blankets to shift and wrap around the horses back legs




4.7 205


Why is this not showing out of stock until you go to order it. What a waste of time having to get this far only to find out it is not available. Since you feel it appropriate to waste customers time like that I will take my business elsewhere.


After you select the size, the next drop down box will let you know if the color and the size is available. As we are getting closer to spring, our inventory is limited in many sizes, colors and insulation weights.


What are the dimensions of the pony size 61 blanket (laying open flat - length and drop)?


Length is going to be a 61 ½" and the drop is 31"

Customer Service

I have a pony that measured 53", so would it be better to order the 52" or 55" version?


For a 53" order a 54". They run exact, if not a tad small.


I needed a 75' and bought the 77' it fit fine. I feel like they run a little small. I would buy bigger.


I would order the smaller one, the one I ordered seemed a little big for my pony.


If it is a narrow pony the 52" would be okay. But if it has any body to it go with the bigger one. That's what I did for my 42" pony and it fits her great. Sent from my iPad


My horse measured 55 and I ordered the 58. Its a perfect fit. Sent from my Verizon 4G LTE smartphone


If this is a short-legged pony, neither one will fit because the side drop is way too long. My pony is a perfect 54, but the side drop came down below her hocks and knees. The belly straps weren't even close to her belly. I have to return it.


We would suggest going with a 52".

Customer Service

Although this shows for a Pony will it work for a 6 months old quarterhorse. Just wondering if the contours will be basically the same for QH colt as for a pony


We would recommended the turnout foal blankets as they would give you more adjust ability as the grew. Item 16000 is one of the sizes.

Schneider's Customer Service

How to Measure for a Horse Blanket:

How to Measure for a Horse Blanket
  • For best fit, stand horse squarely.
  • Measure from center of chest to edge of tail.
  • Take care to measure along the widest part of the shoulder and hindquarters.
  • The blanket measurement result is the blanket size.
  • If your measurement is in between sizes, round up to the next blanket size. Example: 73" = Size 74.
How to Measure for a Horse Blanket Video
Watch our Video on
How to Measure for a Horse Blanket
Do you have blanket questions? Call us at 1-800-365-1311 or email us at service@sstack.com

Turnout Blanket Warmth and Temperature Guide

Sheet (No Insulation)
50°F - 65°F
As Needed
Lightweight (Tekno-Fleece, 80 gms.)
40°F - 60°F
30°F - 50°F+
Midweight (220 gms.)
35°F - 50°F
30°F - 45°F
Heavyweight (380 gms.)
20°F - 40°F
15°F - 30°F

If you have any questions about this product, please contact us at 1-800-365-1311 or service@sstack.com

Turnout Blanket Durability Guide
Turnout Blanket Durability Guide
Find your horse's perfect FIT with our Schneider's Horse Turnout Blanket Fit Guide
Find your horse's perfect FIT with our Schneider's Horse Turnout Blanket Fit Guide

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