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StormShield® Contour Collar Classic Surcingle Turnouts
31955c.a.zoom.jpg : 3
StormShield® Contour Collar Classic Surcingle Turnouts view #1
  • StormShield® Contour Collar Classic Surcingle Turnouts view video
  • StormShield® Contour Collar Classic Surcingle Turnouts view #2
    StormShield® Contour Collar Classic Surcingle Turnouts view #3
    StormShield® Contour Collar Classic Surcingle Turnouts view #4
    StormShield® Contour Collar Classic Surcingle Turnouts view #5
    StormShield® Contour Collar Classic Surcingle Turnouts view #6
    StormShield® Contour Collar Classic Surcingle Turnouts view #7
    StormShield® Contour Collar Classic Surcingle Turnouts view #8
    StormShield® Contour Collar Classic Surcingle Turnouts view #9
    StormShield® Contour Collar Classic Surcingle Turnouts view #10
    StormShield® Contour Collar Classic Surcingle Turnouts view #11

    StormShield® Contour Collar Classic Surcingle Turnouts

    • Great fit; 1200D Ripstop Poly for superior durability
    • Good quality waterproof breathable
    • Contour collar for snugger fit at neck and above shoulders
    • 1200 Denier Ripstop Poly Outer / Choice of Insulation / Nylon Lining
    • 1 Year Guarantee. Read Warranty
    • Colors: Red/Black, Royal/Black, Green/Black, Orange/Black, Hot Pink/Black, Purple/Black
    • Sizes: 66, 68, 70, 72, 74, 76, 78, 80, 82, 84, 86

    For the same great fit with a tougher outercover,
    we suggest our Contour Collar Euro Extreme Turnout Blanket

    Learn more about our Contour Collar Euro Fit Turnouts
    Watch our video on How to Measure for a Blanket
    Durability: Extreme
    Style: Surcingle
    Item Options / Availability Quantity Price

    Heavyweight (380 gm)

    $124.99 $99.99

    Midweight (220 gm)

    $114.99 $89.99

    Sheet (no insulation)

    $99.99 $79.99
    Matching Accessories Options / Availability Quantity Price

    Matching Neck Cover (220 gm)

    $64.99 $49.99

    Perfect cover for unwelcome weather


    Looks good; performs well.


    Phoenixville, PA


    Nice heavy weight blanket Donkey is warm.


    Nice winter blanket bought heavy weight.

    Donkey rider.

    northern ca.


    My go-to blankets


    These are my go-to blankets and sheets. They are durable, wash well and fit well. However, our pony was harder to fit since she is a size 72" and she is only 13 something hands so the blanket is a little long on her. It still works though!

    Pony Lover

    Malta, IL


    Good turnout sheet for the cost


    Good light weight sheet. Stays in place, the neck was a little low cut.




    Awesome turnout sheet


    All my horses have this turnout sheet! Durable, great it bad weather, keeps them dry. It's also nice that it allows for neck cover attachment.

    CC Show Horses

    Brainerd, MN



    4.8 1925


    How do I decide what weight is the right one for the temperature. I am looking for something that would take care of about 40-60 degrees


    It would depend if your horse is clipped or not and the climate in your area. Every horse has specific needs as well. We typically go by: Sheet: Clipped coat (50°-65°) Med/Full coat (as needed) Lightweight: Clipped coat (40°-60°) Med/Full coat (30°-50°) Midweight: Clipped coat (35°-50°) Med/Full coat (30°-45°) Heavyweight: Clipped coat (20°-40°) Med/Full coat (15°-30°)


    I have a quarter horse who has had problems with blankets making him uncomfortable in the past. Has anyone bought this for their QH and how has it fit on them? Generally speaking and specifically through the chest/shoulders.


    The Contour Collar has a very versatile fit and will fit most breeds nicely. This is a traditional Euro style that extends over the wither a bit, has a more upright shoulder and smaller neck opening. The extended gussets give the horse plenty of room, giving him comfort and freedom of movement.


    I want a neck cover that is compatible with this sheet. I do not want the one that is insulated. Whcih one do you suggest I order?


    The ArmorFlex Challenger neck cover (#38462) has no insulation and comes in navy, green, burgundy or black. The neck cover is compatible with the Contour Collars blankets.


    Can I put the storm shield turnout sheet on my wet horse?


    You could. It may take longer for your horse to dry.

    Horse measures exactly 76, should i go up to 78 in the heavyweight blanket. Shes also 15.3.


    Love the blanket, my horse is 15.2. easy to put on at take off. Very waterproof.   


    If she is fully grown, and you won't be adding another layer, you can go with the 76. I have a horse that is a 76 and have a few blankets that are 78 as well as 76. I like them a little big, rather than tight. My heavyweight is a 78 storm shield v-tech and fits her fine. This particular blanket is a good true fit, so you may want to stick with 76. It's a great quality blanket for the price. I get all my blankets from Schneider. Hope this helps and isn't confusing. They adjust well, anyway.


    We would suggest going with 76 since you do have little room to move with the front buckles.

    Customer Service

    blockquote, div.yahoo_quoted { margin-left: 0 !important; border-left:1px #715FFA solid !important; padding-left:1ex !important; background-color:white !important; } Yes, this year I went up a size and it fits our horse much better.  It is better to have a little more room than not enough! Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPad


    I found that the blanket runs true to size. My horse is a 75 in mostly all blankets that offer a 75 and the 74 in this blanket fit her great Sent from my iPhone


    My horse measures exactly at a 78 and I always order a 78 blanket. And it fits. If you want it a little bigger and to hang a little bit more on his legs going up a size won't hurt either. Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Droid


    Color Questions.I have this blanket in orange for one of my mares. I love this blanket. I want to put another mare in one. I love the purple in the picture, but in the circle it looks like lavender which I do not like. I want this horse to be bright in the field. Which is it, deep purple or nice lavender? I love the royal but in the picture it looks like light blue, or as we say here Chapel Hill blue, which I do not like. Which is it, royal or light blue? And is the hot pink a bright hot pink? Another choice to go with my orange is Ohio State Red, Go Buckeyes, (I grew up in Kent, Ohio and am obviously a Buckeye fan) but my barn colors do not include red! May be time to start??lol.


    Purple is a dark purple not a lavender. If you look at the pictures of the blankets when they are on the horse. I think they look more like they do in person. The royal is a royal. It is bright you would be able to see it in a pasture. The hot pink is a true hot pick. Very bright.

    Customer Service

    The purple is brilliant and a deep bright color I have a brand new size 80 I will sell you. I don't like the snaps on the chest at all***.**** Sent from my iPhone


    It is a deeper purple not lavender. We have both the sheet and the mid weight in purple. Hope this helps! Sent from my iPad


    Dear Marianne, I bought the purple and black blanket and I loved the color. It is a bright deep blueish purple that shows up well in the pasture. I think it is very pretty. Ann Sent from my iPad


    I've only ordered the blue and green. Both are bright vibrant colors. I've been using the blue blankets for years. I live in SE Oklahoma and the medium weight works great for our winters. The only turn-out blanket to buy. Sent from my iPad


    The Purple is purple. And the blue is royal blue. In the circles look quite a bit lighter.


    The purple is more of bluish purple. It is neither a light blue or navy. It is bright and does stand out. Sent from my iPhone


    Hi Denise Is your 80" purple heavy weight? Mid? Sheet? That is a size I can use How much?


    Sorry it took me a couple days to get back to you, I just saw this with all the Christmas emailings. Yes, I am very happy with the purple. I was worried it would be too light but it is a darker purple. I don't have a picture yet because I'm using my pink turnout blanket because where I live it's too cold to use the purple sheet right now. It is a great color you will like it.


    The blue is much darker in person. It is more of a true blue. I have the pink it looks like a highlighter. I would say all the colors are much more intense in person. I have not seen the purple in person only pink, red, and blue. Sent from my iPhone


    Hi, The purple is not a lavender, nor is it a deep dark purple like eggplant or plum. I would say it's a reg purple. If you look at the pictures the smaller ones underneath with the horse and it showing the neck piece I would say that's closer to the TrueColor it's a touch brighter than that I will take a picture of mine when I get to the barn today and we can see what the color shows, the horse will be bright in the fieldprobably not as bright as the orange but it is a bright color it is not a pastel. I have green and red and a barn mate has the blue ( not bright pretty color but more subtle) and out if those the purple will be brightest easily Sent from my iPhone


    How should the back leg straps be connected? Do you wrap around the inside of each leg? Or... Do you criss-cross the rear leg straps? Or... Do you wrap around the inside of one leg, and then loop the other leg through it?


    They are meant to criss-cross for the rear leg straps.

    Customer Service

    I have this Turnout Blanket for my horse and I criss-cross the rear leg straps.    


    Wrap around the inside of each leg


    I wrap It around the inside of one leg, and then loop the other leg through it?" Sent from my iPad


    Hello, I am from Germany searching for a sheet in 54 inches. What size would that be? greetings from germany


    For a size 54 you would need to look at item #36561. This is a pony turnout sheet it comes in size 55.

    Customer Service

    My horse already has a heavy blanket for colder weather but she ripped her light blanket during the fall season. I don't know if i should get a sheet or a midweight for next fall. which should i get?


    This would depend on how cold fall is in your region. A sheet will only protect against precipitation, it will not provide any warmth if it is cold. A midweight will provide both protection and warm in cold temperatures.

    Customer Service

    How to Measure for a Horse Blanket:

    How to Measure for a Horse Blanket
    • For best fit, stand horse squarely.
    • Measure from center of chest to edge of tail.
    • Take care to measure along the widest part of the shoulder and hindquarters.
    • The blanket measurement result is the blanket size.
    • If your measurement is in between sizes, round up to the next blanket size. Example: 73" = Size 74.
    How to Measure for a Horse Blanket Video
    Watch our Video on
    How to Measure for a Horse Blanket
    Do you have blanket questions? Call us at 1-800-365-1311 or email us at service@sstack.com

    Turnout Blanket Warmth and Temperature Guide

    Sheet (No Insulation)
    50°F - 65°F
    As Needed
    Lightweight (Tekno-Fleece, 80 gms.)
    40°F - 60°F
    30°F - 50°F+
    Midweight (220 gms.)
    35°F - 50°F
    30°F - 45°F
    Heavyweight (380 gms.)
    20°F - 40°F
    15°F - 30°F

    If you have any questions about this product, please contact us at 1-800-365-1311 or service@sstack.com

    Turnout Blanket Durability Guide
    Turnout Blanket Durability Guide
    Find your horse's perfect FIT with our Schneider's Horse Turnout Blanket Fit Guide
    Find your horse's perfect FIT with our Schneider's Horse Turnout Blanket Fit Guide
    Blanket Warranty

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