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StormShield® Contour Collar Euro Extreme Turnouts
31952c.a.zoom.jpg : 3
StormShield® Contour Collar Euro Extreme Turnouts view #1
  • StormShield® Contour Collar Euro Extreme Turnouts view video
  • StormShield® Contour Collar Euro Extreme Turnouts view #2
    StormShield® Contour Collar Euro Extreme Turnouts view #3
    StormShield® Contour Collar Euro Extreme Turnouts view #4
    StormShield® Contour Collar Euro Extreme Turnouts view #5
    StormShield® Contour Collar Euro Extreme Turnouts view #6
    StormShield® Contour Collar Euro Extreme Turnouts view #7

    StormShield® Contour Collar Euro Extreme Turnouts

    • Contour collar for snugger fit at neck and above shoulders
    • High level waterproof breathable
    • 1680 Denier Woven Poly Outer / Choice of Insulation / Nylon Lining
    • Superior durability
    • 2 Year Guarantee. Read Warranty
    • Colors: Slate Blue with black, Green with black, Burgundy with black (in select sizes)
    • Sizes: 68, 70, 72, 74, 76, 78, 80, 82, 84, 86

    Learn more about our Contour Collar Euro Fit Turnouts
    Durability: Extreme
    Style: Surcingle
    Item Options / Availability Quantity Price

    Heavyweight (380 gm)

    $189.99 $129.99

    Midweight (220 gm)

    $179.99 $119.99

    Sheet (no insulation)

    $159.99 $109.99
    Matching Accessories Options / Availability Quantity Price

    Matching Neck Cover (220 gm)

    $89.99 $59.99

    Not waterproof


    I ordered 3 of these sheets and the first time I used them all 3 horses came in soaking wet after being in the rain for a few hours. They were not remotely waterproof! I contacted the company and they asked me to send pictures of the blankets and lot numbers, which I did. I quickly received 3 new sheets without having the mail back the old ones (which was very nice to not have to go through the hassle of boxing them up and mailing them). It hasn't rained enough to tell whether the new sheets are waterproof or not yet. I had the old version of these sheets and they were great for years! I am really hoping these new ones work.



    I would buy this product again and again!!


    Looks Geat and is perfect for the horrible rain we have been having !!




    Decent sheet


    After owning since spring 2018: Bought this sheet as a rain jacket for my 30 year old Quarter Horse. Likes: Durable. Zero tears or snags. He doesnt wear it every single day, just if its going to be cool & rain. After several months of use it's in pristine shape. Fits ok, it's a bit short even though I ordered his usual size. But it covers him decently. I like the clips and buckles to close the front. It's very adjustable and customizable. This blanket does not shift, it stays on exactly like you put it on. Very pleased with that! Dislikes: The tail flap rolls up. Rolls up like a fruit roll up and won't lay flat no matter what I've tried. So the bottom half of the tail flap is always rolled upwards. It is decently water proof... but I frequent reapply water proofing product and probably 40% of the time the liner of the blanket is wet when i check it. They have a big barn with their own run in stalls, so it's not like hes standing in a downpour the whole time it rains. In summary a decent sheet, I've had better and I've had worse. A decent rain sheet for the money. Unsure if I would trust this line with fill for a winter blanket... but who knows the so-so waterproofing may be a fluke with mine.


    Jonesboro, AR


    I only buy from y'all!


    I have only bought blankets from y'all so didn't hesitate again. My horse needed a new one as she Wore the other out in the Houston area but now further north a warmer one was needed.....

    Chili Nelson



    Very well made , the fit is great, and holds up very well


    I use it for 24/7 turn out. My horse lives with other horses and hasn't ripped it torn


    Bellwood, pa



    4.8 978


    can the storm shield mid weight turn out blanket be taken to the cleaners. Or do you have to wash it in a washing machine?


    You can take it to the cleaners if you would like. We do recommend using our Schneider's Blanket Wash since it is formulated for the waterproof material of the blanket.


    Washing instructions?


    You can machine was with warm water using detergent designed specifically for waterproof nylon material. The Schneider's Blanket Wash works nicely to clean the blanket without diminishing the waterproof properties. Line dry or tumble dry on warm. Do not put in a hot dryer.


    Do you have a black neck cover that would work on this blanket?


    The neck cover that matchs this blanket only comes in colors. You could look at getting another turnout neck cover that comes in black like item 15001 comes in black with tan trim.

    Customer Service

    Is this sheet suitable for heavy rain?

    snow white

    Yes, this sheet is waterproof to provide protection against all precipitation.

    Customer Service

    Is the storm shield 1680D extreme euro sheet a good fit for a haflinger/belgian cross type? 14.2 hands and wide - wears a 78 in weatherbeeta landa standard cut (not freestyle which is too tight in the shoulders)


    The Euro style is a general fit that forms well to most breeds, the higher neck piece allows a snugger fit at the neck and above the shoulders. If the horse has a higher wither, we recommend VTEK style. If the horse has a sloped shoulder and is a bit broader, we recommend a Fitted V-Free. We do recommend you measure from the center of the chest to the side of the tail as seen in our "How to Measure for a Schneiders Blanket". You can find this video on our blanket pages for your convenience.

    E. Schwartz

    How to Measure for a Horse Blanket:

    How to Measure for a Horse Blanket
    • For best fit, stand horse squarely.
    • Measure from center of chest to edge of tail.
    • Take care to measure along the widest part of the shoulder and hindquarters.
    • The blanket measurement result is the blanket size.
    • If your measurement is in between sizes, round up to the next blanket size. Example: 73" = Size 74.
    How to Measure for a Horse Blanket Video
    Watch our Video on
    How to Measure for a Horse Blanket
    Do you have blanket questions? Call us at 1-800-365-1311 or email us at service@sstack.com

    Turnout Blanket Warmth and Temperature Guide

    Sheet (No Insulation)
    50°F - 65°F
    As Needed
    Lightweight (Tekno-Fleece, 80 gms.)
    40°F - 60°F
    30°F - 50°F+
    Midweight (220 gms.)
    35°F - 50°F
    30°F - 45°F
    Heavyweight (380 gms.)
    20°F - 40°F
    15°F - 30°F

    If you have any questions about this product, please contact us at 1-800-365-1311 or service@sstack.com

    Turnout Blanket Durability Guide
    Turnout Blanket Durability Guide
    Find your horse's perfect FIT with our Schneider's Horse Turnout Blanket Fit Guide
    Find your horse's perfect FIT with our Schneider's Horse Turnout Blanket Fit Guide
    Blanket Warranty

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