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Equi Cool Down Horse Wraps
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Equi Cool Down Horse Wraps view #1
Equi Cool Down Horse Wraps view #2
Equi Cool Down Horse Wraps view #3
Equi Cool Down Horse Wraps view #4

Equi Cool Down Horse Wraps

Simply add water to this hyper-evaporative material and it drops in temperature by up to 22 degrees, even in the warmest weather. The cooling effect can last for hours! No electricity, no refrigeration, no gel or beads. Great after strenuous exercise or competition to speed recovery and prevent overheating. Patent pending material re-activates by adding water. Equi Cool Down Hock Wraps also available.

full description
Equi Cool Down Horse Wraps

Great for horse with anhidrosis


I have a QH gelding who suffers because he cannot sweat on his own and I live in the desert. When I have water around it is often so hot it cannot help him get cooled off. I compete locally and train 5 days+ a week. This blanket has been amazing- especially in the trailer when I cannot monitor temperature easily.


Western US


Love this


I'm an endurance rider and after a long day these are super effective and easy to use to reduce swelling and aid healing to tired legs and joints.


Clinton MT


Love this product!!!


So happy with this product. We plan on getting other equi cool products.


Virginia Beach, VA


Works just as they say it would


Was using too much water at first...but then I read the instructions (duh!). Works perfectly - so easy! The neck wrap was a bit tricky at first but now I put it on in minutes. We don't trailer at all without these on hand now.- to use on the trailer and off (and even occasionally on our dogs!). Good stuff if you follow their directions. So glad we didn't give up on 'em!

Horse Mom

Colorado Springs, CO




I purchased the neck wrap along with the leg wraps. I LOVE the leg wraps, but I have the hardest time putting on the neck wrap--I find it very unwieldy trying to keep it against my horse's neck and Velcro'ing it all at the same time (maybe I haven't figured out a good way to do it yet). As I stated previously, I LOVE the leg wraps, and I plan on purchasing the body wrap next year.

QH Mom

Potomac, MD



I purchased these (plus the neck wrap) to help keep my senior cushing's horse cool during the awful heat/humidity wave we had. I kept them on overnight one night just to see if they would stay cool, and by the next morning, THEY WERE! I wanted to do this experiment before I purchased the body wrap.


Potomac, MD


Wow--really works!


I purchased the leg wraps and neck wraps first to make sure they really do what they are advertised to do before I spent the money on the body wrap. I am very impressed!


Potomac, MD


Non sweaters


Cools my horse immediately. This summer Florida heat has been extreme

Barn owner

Cocoa, florida


Love these soooo much!


I use these as soon as I hose off legs, or when traveling when a hose is not near. Stick them in ice chest water or douse with water, shake and wrap!

Keep hustling for the goal

Independence, LA


Amazing, like air conditioning for my horse


Simple to use, spray with mist cycle on water hose, put on horse and watch him enjoy the reward of cooling down. Just follow the instructions. What's great about this product is ease of use and maintenance, results are visibly rewarding for not only the horses comfort but you can feel their body temperature and breathing go to a normal state, no chemicals, Easy to store, easy to use, easy to maintain.

Monty's Mom

Cape Canaveral, Florida



4.7 11


are these the same as icing for swelling


These wraps cool 16-22° below the outside temperature. This makes them perfect for use after work outs to relieve soreness and inflammation.


So how do you properly use them to get the right cooling effect? how much water do you apply to them?


If it the first use or the wrap is entirely dry, soak the wrap for about 3-5 minutes in any temperature water. Wring out the excess water and wave the wrap up and down to activate the cooling process. Wave about 10 seconds if soaked in cooler water and up to 30 seconds for hot water. Give the wrap a shake every 20-30 minutes to keep it activated. Re-wet every few hours.


I drench them first and then wrap them on... every 5 or 10 minutes I hose down the legs (with the wraps on) to "re-cool" them. They work really well, but I wouldn't expect them to stay cool for more than half an hour without re-hydrating them.


Should the horse's leg feel cool to the touch? I've been using it, and though the wrap feels cool, my horse's legs seem to remain at regular body temp.


The primary reason for ice or any leg cooling therapy is to generate extra blood flow to the part you are cooling, thereby delivering oxygen (in the blood cells) to feed and strengthen the local leg tissue cells. The extra flow of blood however warms up and constantly keeps the leg at regular temps.

Customer Service

Does this come as a pair?


Yes, the leg wraps are sold in pairs.

Schneiders Saddlery Customer Service

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