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Dura-Tech® Magnetic Crown Piece
23328.a.zoom.jpg : 3
Dura-Tech® Magnetic Crown Piece view #1
Dura-Tech® Magnetic Crown Piece view #2
Dura-Tech® Magnetic Crown Piece view #3
Dura-Tech® Magnetic Crown Piece view #4
Dura-Tech® Magnetic Crown Piece view #5
Dura-Tech® Magnetic Crown Piece view #6

Dura-Tech® Magnetic Crown Piece

Item # 23328
  • Relax nervous or excited horses without the use of drugs or supplements
  • Magnets are positions above the axis vertebrae over the poll to calm your horse
  • Crown piece attaches to halters and bridles with attached elastic loops
  • Use during trailering, in the stall or during training sessions
  • Unipolar Neodymium Magnets have a GAUSS rating of 3000
  • One size fits all
full description
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in stock
$25.99 $17.99
Caution: Do not use magnetic therapy products during the acute stage (the first 48-72) hours of an injury, on open wounds, at the site of an untreated infection, in combination with liniments, sweating or other healing agents, or if there are any signs of hemorrhaging.

Nice quality


I have this on a bridle and use it while riding a Stallion. I thought he rode very nicely in it the first time thyI went ahead and ordered 2 more. One for his halter and one for another bride. It is easy to slide off and on and think it is comfortable for him to wear.

Arrow M

Eagar Az


Great product


I love this product but it does change the fit of the bridle. It is better fitted for a halter.




Fits great and


This was purchased for a spooky gelding in hopes that it might help quiet his mind a bit under saddle. It slips easily over the crown of his dressage bridle, looks great, is well made and offers a nice pad over his poll. Is he quieter?? Seems to be, so I take this as a "win" and would definitely purchase it again. I have used magnetic therapy on myself and it definitely worked for me.


Clovis, CA


Calming magnetic crown piece


Worked great to calm my horse on stall rest!


Saint Pete, Fl


Very impressed with the Dura Tech Magnetic Crown Piece.


I chose the crown piece because of the area that it covers and it fits nicely on my horses bridle. I am very happy with this product.


Camarillo, California


Helped my ADD gelding


This definitely helped my little gelding pay more attention on the task at hand rather than what's going on outside. He also seemed to be able to reason through things better.


Madison, WI


Am definitely buying this product again


I would say I am skeptical but open minded about alot of things. After using this crown piece on 2 very different horses, I am convinced there is something to the magnets!! My hot, sensitive and often anxious gelding, who also has some crookedness through his poll, became so quiet and relaxed after wearing it for literally like 5 min. He then began yawning so big I had to remove the chin strap on his halter because it was restricting the movement. I have started using it almost daily when he's being groomed, tacked up or having body work. It seems to really relax him and his muscles soften. The other horse is normally very calm and quiet but has chiropractic issues in the poll and base of her neck. She too had big releases after wearing this for only 5-10 min. Her neck lowers and softens when she wears it; she will yawn and shake her head gently. This piece has become part of my daily routine and I'm eager to try other magnetic products.

Jayme Kinderman

Santa Rosa, CA


Makes a difference


I have some young, fairly high-strung horses. This isn't a magic pill, but it does settle them down making them flex at the pole much better. I've become so fond of it that I've put it on all my work bridles.


Arvada, CO


Worth the purchase


It wasn't easy to slip on the top of halter. That is minor compared to the benefit my horse has had since using it. Worth the buy.


Grand Rapids, MI


Amazing !!!


This product is amazing, I use it on my bridle for every ride and notice a huge difference !!! My horse travels relaxed instead of tense and spooking at everything!


Ontario, Canada


Dura-Tech® Magnetic Crown Piece

4.7 25


What Guass are the magnets used?


Hi Grace, The Gauss rating is 3000. I have a very high strung horse. especially out on trail. I decided to give the Dura Tech Magnetic Crown Piece a try. I attached the magnet to the crown piece of bridle and then rode him in the arena for several days. I decided take my horse on trail. He still looked around for something to shy at. but didn't. I continued to ride him every day out on trail. The more that I took him out on trail the more he seemed settled and not so anxious. I was so proud of him. This device really helped my horse. Then I would ride him with the magnet and then the next day I would not use. I did this off and on for a couple of weeks. I still use the magnetic when I take him out in traffic. So far, so good. I am so glad that I found this device. It has made me fall in love more and more with my horse. Hope this info. helps you. Katie


The magnets used in the crown piece are 3000 GAUSS.


Would this work for a nervous horse in the trailer while traveling


No I can't see any difference at all in my horse while using it


I am using this on a horse in training and not seeing a great improvement. She did a lot of chewing and lip licking when I first put it on, but not so much anymore. Was behavior changed because of additional training or the headpiece- I really couldn't answer... it is not a miracle worker.


It could definitely help! I have had great success using this product to calm and relax an anxious, tense horse. Just make sure your horse is used to it before you put it on him to go somewhere. Also, the manufacturer recommends you start with a short amount of time and gradually increase it. I even believe there may be a limit to how long it should be left on; even if your horse is used to it. So, you may not want to have it on for a very long trailer ride anyway. If I go anywhere longer than an hour's ride , I take it off my halter. Sent from my iPhone


It might.. really just depends on the horse! Sent from my iPhone


I never used the magnetic ztrip on a halter, I only uzed on a bridle. However, I believe it has a calming effect on the horse.


Do you have any reviews on this product from previous customers on its effectiveness ?


I bought this for my yearling filly traveling from IL to the APHA World Show in Texas. She wore it the whole ride and while at the show. Seemed to keep her calmer. Sent from my iPhone


There are reviews on the item you can look at.

Customer Service

I just received it not that long ago, seems to be made well, I used it on a mare that kicks in the trailer and it had no effect (hormones must outweigh the magnets!), and I intend to use it on a 2 year old that doesn't like his poll touched.


I think this product is exceptional. I was really hesitant to purchase it but for the price I am happy that I did. I feel that it works great for my horse. I need to pick up another so that I don't have to keep changing it. Well work the money.


Can it get wet, i.e. bathing?


Yes this can get wet.

Customer Service

It says not to use this product on an injured horse? What type of injuries does it mean?


It's just meant to calm a nervous or anxious horse. Sorry that the copy was wrong.

Customer Service

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