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  • Call us at 1-800-365-1311

Horse Boots & Leg Wraps

Horse Boots and Wraps

Horse Boots for Sale

Your horse is like a world-class athlete, and all professional athletes must wear protective gear to prevent serious injuries. Equine health is no different. At Schneiders, we have high-performance horse leg wraps and horse boots for sale at affordable prices. They’ll keep your horse’s legs strong for a long, productive life and athletic career. Horse wraps for legs come in various styles, including split boots and sports medicine boots, bell boots, wraps and bandages, skid and knee boots, soaking boots and hoof pads, shipping boots and boots for therapy. We also carry a selection of Professional’s Choice® boots. From show jump boots to protective wraps to trail boots for horses, we carry the widest selection of quality foot and leg wear for your champion.

Splint/Sport Medicine Boots provide support while preventing injuries, and are recommended for turnout, training and shows. These boots are for either English or Western disciplines, and are available in various designs. Bell Boots, also known as overreach boots, keeps the horse’s hooves from injuring the other feet while exercising, schooling or during turnout. It’s a preventative measure that can save you money spent on lost shoes or injury treatment. Horse wraps and bandages are allowed in many disciplines, and they offer added support and protection for the legs. Choose from leg wraps and quilts, plush polo wraps, standing wraps and bandages. Polo wraps are a common method of support or protection while schooling, training, lunging or on trail. We also have poultices and liniments to provide soothing comfort to sore legs. Skid and Knee Boots protect the fronts of the legs from lateral interference during abrupt movements in jumps and other activities.

Use Soaking Boots and Hoof Pads for preventing and treating abscesses, stone bruises, lost shoes and other difficulties that your horse may encounter. Padded Shipping Boots are helpful in a moving trailer, to keep your horse on solid footing. They’ll also keep your horse confident while reducing the risk of injury while loading and unloading. Professional’s Choice offer various kinds of boots, such as their Elite SMB front boots, Ballistic bell boots, Pro Performance Hybrid splint boots, Performance Pro mesh show jump boots and Deluxe Ballistic overreach boots.

You’ll also find a wide selection of therapies to treat inflammation, a common problem in horses (and in humans). These products help bring back proper circulation to speed up healing and get rid of edema to rebuild any damaged tissues. We have ceramic therapy, Theraplate Centurion magnet field therapy, cold therapy and more. We also offer boot wrap accessories, from covers and bandage cases to restorer brushes and scissors.