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Horse Brushes & Curry Combs

Horse Brushes & Curry Combs
Horse Brushes & Curry Combs
Order the highest-quality horse brushes and curry combs from our large collection. We offer brushes in all sizes, bristle lengths and bristle thicknesses made from synthetic or natural materials. Find brushes from Schneiders, StripHair®, Brush Therapy and other trusted brands.
Schneider's Braid Aid Comb
Schneider's Junior Curry
Schneider's Soft Body Curry
2 Colors
Detangle Brush
38054_lime.jpg image Detangle Brush
38054_pink.jpg image
Detangle Brush
3 Colors
40654_blue.jpg image JUNIOR RUBBER CURRY
40654_purple.jpg image JUNIOR RUBBER CURRY
40654_red.jpg image
Junior Rubber Curry
$2.49 - $2.99
Ultra® Shedding Block
Schneider's Paddle Brush

Get the Right Horse Brush or Comb

Both brushes and combs are essential tools for your horse grooming kit. It is important to understand what each of them does. There are several types of horse brushes for different needs, including:

Curry Comb: The initial tool for loosening up dirt, debris and recently shed hair. It also stimulates skin and muscles to improve circulation.

Body Brush: This can be used over the whole body in long, smooth strokes. These typically have medium-stiff bristles.

Dandy Brush: Used to remove the dirt and dust brought to the coat’s surface by the curry comb.

Finishing Brush: A super-soft brush that removes fine particles and helps polish the coat by smoothing the natural oils.

Mane Comb: A wide-toothed comb for short, pulled manes to untangle and remove debris.

Equine Brushes for All Horses

We sell a wide selection of brushes and combs for horses. They are available in many sizes with long or short bristles of different stiffness levels. Schneiders also has all-natural horse brushes, brushes with wood backs and brushes with cool colors that add some fun to grooming. We’ve been a leader in horse brushes and grooming tools since 1948.

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