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Horse Brushes – Horse Brush Sets

Maintaining a daily grooming regimen is essential to a healthy skin and coat. Horse brushes remove dirt build-up preventing unwanted skin conditions and distributes natural oils which ensures a glossy coat even when bathing is not an option.

  • Stiff bristles, medium bristles, soft and finishing bristles
  • Natural or synthetic bristles

Schneider's Daisy Dandy Brush

An essential part of any grooming kit, this dandy brush has medium stiff, synthetic bristles to easily removes dirt, dried mud, and other debris. It also is sized to fit comfortably in your hand for ease of use.

StripHair® Gentle Groomer™ Horse Grooming Tool

The Gentle Groomer™ is a versatile horse grooming tool that removes loose hair, dirt, and dander while adding shine to the coat.

  • Super soft finishing brush made with horsehair bristles
  • Ideal for enhancing shine by distributing natural oils
  • Perfect for last minute touch ups and removing dust
  • Comfortable grip woodback block fits hands nicely
  • For use on shorter coats to produce finished results
  • 8”L x 2 ¼” W – bristles are 2 ½ “ long
$9.99 $8.99
Extra roomy tote features loads of exterior pockets to hold and carry all of the necessities to make your horse look their best from head to hoof. Black tote has a classic red plaid trim with matching red accessories. Kit includes:
  • Large grooming tote with exterior pockets, shoulder strap, and drawstring closure top
  • Rubber curry
  • Medium bristle body brush
  • Soft bristle face brush
  • Hoof pick with brush
  • Mane and tail brush
  • Sweat scraper
$56.99 $44.99
  • Soft finishing horsehair blend
  • Ideal for enhancing shine by distributing natural oils
  • Gently removes surface dust particles
  • Use ringside to evenly distribute finishing spray
  • Comfortable GRIP-FIT® molded polypropylene block design
  • Fits in hand comfortably
  • 8 ¼ “ L x 2 ½” W – bristles are 2 ½ “ long
  • Made in the USA
  • The handiest bath time brush and a must for every wash tote
  • Two rows of medium bristles surround a soft sponge center
  • Sponge absorbs water and soap and the bristles deep clean
  • Comfortable contoured non-slip rubber back fits nicely in hand
  • 1 ½” nylon web hand strap to maintain a good grip
  • Color:  Red or purple
  • Measures:  6 ½”L x 3”W with 1” outer bristles
  • Brushes are sparkling clean in as little as 8 minutes
  • Effervescent system cleans dirt, debris, bacteria and fungi
  • Trapped hair loosens up and combs out easily
  • Citrus scented and leaves no residue
  • Mix one packet per gallon of water
$7.99 $6.99
  • The perfect brush for applying the finishing touches
  • Soft synthetic bristles remove dust easily from coats
  • Comfortable grip, solid wood back
  • Use before entering the ring or brushing sensitive faces
  • Measures:  8”L x 2 ¼”W with 2” bristles
  • Great all-purpose medium still bristle brush
  • Removes mud, dust, dirt or shedding hair easily
  • Wood back fits comfortable in the hand
  • Medium stiff polyester bristles lift out dirt and dander
  • Polyester bristles resist mildew, bacterial and fungal growth
  • Measures:  6 ½”L x 2 ½”W with 1 ½” bristles
  • The hottest accessory in every young equestrian grooming tote
  • The perfect size blocks for little hands to handle easily
  • Comfortable grip with fun, colorful soft, crimped synthetic bristles
  • Two toned bristles form a fun pattern on the underside
  • Measures 6 ¾”L x 2 ½”W with 2” bristles
  • Colors:  Black w/lime green (diamond pattern), teal w/pink (bubble pattern) or pink w/black (diamond pattern)
  • Made in the USA
  • Firm synthetic bristles
  • Good for mud removal
  • Comfort GRIP-FIT® molded polypropylene block
  • Shaped block hand grip
  • Made in the USA
  • Measurements: 8 1/2" length x 2 1/2" width, 2" bristle length

  • Perfect all-purpose brush for every grooming tote
  • Medium stiff crimped synthetic bristles
  • Great for dirt, mud or shedding hair
  • Comfortable GRIP-FIT® molded polypropylene block 
  • Measures:  6 ¾”L x 2 ½”W with 1 ¾”bristles
  • Made in the USA

We offer a large selection of horse grooming supplies at affordable prices. Our horse brushes are available with natural or synthetic bristles, in a wide range of bristle types. Choose from stiff bristles, medium bristles, soft bristles and finishing bristles. You’ll need a different horse brush for each essential part of daily grooming, to keep your horse’s skin and coat healthy and beautiful. In addition to individual brushes, you’ll find horse brush kits. Buying a horse brush set is the best way to know that you have the right tools to get the job done.

What Types of Brushes and Combs Do I Need for Proper Grooming?

A rubber Curry Comb is used to gently stimulate the circulation in the horse’s skin and muscles. At the same time, it loosens debris plus shedding hair. The Dandy Brush is a brush with stiff bristles that’s used after the curry to clear away the heaviest portion of loosened hair and dirt. It can also remove dried mud from the horse’s legs and hoof walls. If your horse is especially sensitive, they might not be able to tolerate this coarse brush, so if this is the case, choose a brush with medium stiffness instead. A Medium Soft or Medium Stiff Brush is an excellent overall brush to have, especially for horses that can’t take a very stiff brush. A Soft Brush is also known as a Finishing Brush. It has fine, soft bristles placed close together, and it’s designed to remove fine dust particles from the horse’s coat while it smooths out the horse’s hair. This brush is used to enhance the coat’s natural sheen. A Hoof Pick is an important grooming tool. As the name suggests, it’s designed to remove mud, stones, manure and other debris from a horse’s hooves.

What Should Be in a Great Grooming Kit?

Horse grooming kits can vary in terms of included items, but they should include a rubber curry, medium bristle body brush, mane and tail comb and/or brush and a hoof pick. Some may also have a stiff brush, finishing brush and a sweat scraper.

Schneiders’ Horse Brushes

Sstack.com has a wide selection of top quality horse grooming brushes, including horsehair woodback brushes, anti-slip sponge brushes, wash brushes, face brushes, mud brushes, medium bristle brushes and finishing brushes. We also have grooming kits.