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Dimples Horse Treats With Pill Pocket
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Dimples Horse Treats With Pill Pocket view #1
Dimples Horse Treats With Pill Pocket view #2
Dimples Horse Treats With Pill Pocket view #3

Dimples Horse Treats With Pill Pocket

Item # 25675

Getting your horse to eat a pill can be tricky, but these treats will make it easy.

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in stock

Features Include:

  • Treats are made with pill pocket.
  • Insert pill and gently squeeze to seal it.
  • Made with flaxseed, which has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Ingredients: molasses, dry molasses, ground corn, oats, soy meal, ground flax, wheat flour, beet pulp, wheat bran.

Horse loved them!


You receive a good amount of treats for the price. They came in a resealable bucket and were soft and pliable to put a pill in. Better value then other pill hiding treats.




Great for any age


I received a free sample at Quarter Horse congress and brought them home to try on my 30++ boarder who has less teeth than hooves and the gobbled then up no problem!! The horses love these and it's a great way to medicate the ones who get Previcox and Prascend with their feed. Great idea and a delicious way to do it!! Thank you!!




Finally got him to take his prascend


Blue has PPID and needs to take a pill every day. He would refuse it in everything else I tried. Now, I just put the pill in the dimple and squeeze it closed and he can't wait to take his "treat". Easy peasy and I know he got his medication.

Blues mom



Game changer!


I bought these as a final act of desperation for my 30 year old, Cushing's positive quarter horse gelding. He could easily be the poster child for picky eaters. Giving him his equioxx and prascend tablets has become increasingly difficult by the day. He sniffs them out in his grain, and will then refuse to eat his grain. He won't even take them in slices of carrots or apples. When I found these, I figured what the heck let's give it a shot. He LOVES them! I love that there is already a "dimple" so that the pill can just be dropped in and then the treat just mushed together. They do seem a bit pricey, but seeing how much my guy loves them I will continue to order them as long as he likes them.

Katie B

Poughkeepsie NY




These horse treats are amazing. I have a horse that can find his daily meds in anything. I have been using these for a few months with 100% success. He actually looks forward to his "treat" every morning. They work so well I suggested my veterinarian carry them for clients.

Happy Horse Owner



Best Pill Pocket for Horses!


My gelding gets two large pills per day to manage a chronic condition. We have tried multiple methods to ensure that he gets his meds, and this is by far the easiest, especially in a boarding situation. We have tried several other treats designed as pill pockets and other soft treats, but these are the easiest to work with and the least sensitive to temperature. My gelding is a VERY picky eater and he eagerly takes these every time.




Dimples Horse Treats With Pill Pocket

4.8 6


What preservatives do you use in them?


The manufacturer adds no preservatives to the treats. They do indicate that the molasses they use does contain a small amount of preservative. Their shelf life is approximately 1 year.


How many are there?


Dimples treats come in a 3 lb. container and it looks like there's approximately 50-60 treats in the container.