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  • Call us at 1-800-365-1311

Equine Hoof Supplements

A horse's functionality begins with healthy feet. Diet, exercise and proper trimming are the main building blocks. Equine hoof supplements add vital amino acids and trace minerals to ensure stronger hoof structure.

Price match guarantee on all supplements! Find it elsewhere at a lower price? Call customer service at 800-365-1311 and we’ll match it!

  • Improves hardness and strengthens soft tissue
  • Promotes rapid hoof growth
  • Increases blood circulation to the hoof
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Farrier's Formula Double Strength Plus Joint
By adding the key ingredients important to joint health, Farrier’s Formula Double Strength is an all in one supplement to provide the correct balance and ratio of nutrients important to overall healthy hooves and targeted joint support. This pelleted combination is necessary to build a solid foundation within the hoof and building a strong hoof wall while easing joint pain from arthritis and degenerative conditions. This combination adds proline, ornithine, glucosamine and manganese to strengthen and support tendons, ligaments and connective tissues.

Features include:

  • Correct balance and ratio of nutrients to build healthy hooves and provide targeted joint support
  • Easy to feed, all in one supplement in a palatable pelleted formula
  • Formulated to promote strong and fast growth of the hoof wall, sole, frog and heel
  • Supplies nutrients to strengthen connective tissue and support joint, ligament and tendon health
  • Correct balance and ratio of nutrients to build healthy hooves and provide targeted joint support
  • Reduces the chances of microbial invasion and bruising within the hoof and helps laminitis recovery
  • 11 lb. bag
  • Addresses weak hoof structure and quickly improves the defective environment
  • Supplies proper ratio of nutrients needed to build  strong hoof capsule connective tissue
  • Promotes strong and fast growth of the hoof wall, sole, frog and the heel
  • Reduces the likelihood of microbial invasions, bruising and aids laminitis recovery
  • Maintains the color and gloss in the coat and supports connective tissue and ligaments
  • Rich in essential amino acids, Omega fatty acids, vitamins and trace minerals
  • Alfalfa based pellets
  • 11 lbs.
  • Made in the USA
Free Shipping!
Biotin Plus
  • Powder form supplement that supports strong, healthy hooves
  • Therapeutic formula promotes noticeably quick healing response
  • Helps repair cracked and split hooves and strengthen the hoof wall
  • Visual improvement in the horn quality in as little as 5-6 weeks
  • Helps horses maintain a radiant coat and optimum mane/tail growth
  • Each scoop contains human grade biotin plus methionine and calcium
  • All natural formula also contains amino acids, Omega 3 and antioxidants
  • 5 lbs.= 30 - 60 day supply
  • 20 lbs.= 120 - 240 day supply
$203.99 $159.99
  • #1 recommended hoof supplement by farriers for 12 consecutive years
  • Provides nutritional support to build strong connective tissue proteins
  • Rapid improvement due to better digestion and utilization of nutrients
  • Allows superior formation of crosslinks to increase strength and resiliency
  • 11 lb. pail or 11 lb. refill
  • Made in the USA
$45.99 - $62.99
  • Alfalfa based pellet contains key ingredients to support optimal hoof growth
  • Biotin, zinc and methionine work together with B vitamins and amino acids
  • Strengthens the bond between the inner hoof soft tissue to the outer hoof wall
  • Improves hoof hardness, thickness and maximizes growth potential
  • B vitamins are also essential to promote a healthy coat
  • 9 lbs.=72 day supply
  • Specially developed and formulated for horses and ponies prone to laminitis
  • Proprietary formulation of antioxidants, vitamins and essential/non-essential amino acids
  • Improves circulation to the hoof and decreases pulse pressure in the foot
  • Strong antioxidant activity and active anti-inflammatory/analgesic effects
  • Stimulates insulin production improving glucose utilization and decrease hyperglycemia
  • Decreases liver damage due to circulating toxins resulting from hoof damage
  • Enhances immune response and improves the body’s ability to cope with toxic insult
  • Decreases the damage to arteries and decreases clot formation
  • 2 lbs.=30 day supply
  • Nutritional support for horses suffering from a variety of metabolic conditions
  • Beneficial for horses with sore feet, laminitis, founder  and elevated insulin levels
  • Intense research of insulin tests led to the development of effective ingredients
  • Helps fight laminar injury and  chronic foot pain caused by seasonal factors
  • Effective in getting horses comfortable and back on grass pastures
  • Developed by a veterinarian with USDA certified organic herbs
  • .62 lb.=30 day supply
  • Made in the USA
  • Extra strength Biotin supplement
  • Formulated to optimize hoof, skin and coat condition
  • Highly concentrated  for economical administration
  • Blended for optimum results
  • Each 1 oz scoop contains 50mg d-Biotin, 460mg d-Panthothenic Acid, 25mg d-Methionine
  • Made in the USA
  • 6 lb. container- 480 96 day supply depending on how it is fed
  • Nutritional support for horses that have foundered or are prone to the risk of founder
  • Professional strength support containing a source of naturally occurring micro-organisms
  • Scientific blend of antioxidants, magnesium, chromium, Omega 3 & 6 and amino acids
  • Improves hoof condition, fiber digestibility and phosphorus and calcium uptake
  • Formulated  to help reduce low glycemic and low insulin response in foods
  • 4 lbs.=64 day supply
  • Made in the USA
Do not give to horses with impaired kidney function or restricted water intake
  • Provides the optimum nutrition for tendons, ligaments as well as hooves
  • Formulated to supply vital nutrients to support your horse’s foundation
  • Supports hoof hydration, moisture retention and hoof hardness
  • Formulated by equine PhD nutritionist and endorsed by farriers
  • 25mg Biotin/2oz.
  • 3.75 lb. re-sealable bag =30 day supply

  • Concentrated formula to build strong hooves from the inside out
  • 24 mg purified biotin per serving with prebiotics and chelated minerals for optimal absorption
  • Formulated by nutritionists and approved by blacksmiths and farriers
  • Targeted nutrients are the building blocks to support healthy hoof growth
  • Delivers the highest levels of essential biotin, methionine, lysine, zinc and copper
  • Chelated minerals are high in bioavailability and optimize absorption
  • Palatable alfalfa based pellets with no fillers
  • 5.6 lbs. (45 day supply)
  • NASC seal of quality
  • Made in the USA