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  • Call us at 1-800-365-1311

Equine Therapy Products & Equipment 

Schneiders offers the widest variety of equine therapy equipment in the industry. Our extensive line of technology help horses heal quicker, remain pain free and promote soundness.

  • Cryotherapy (Ice)
  • Magnetic Therapy
  • Ceramic Heat Therapy
  • Active Compression Cold Therapy
  • Cyclical Massage
  • Laser Therapy

Equine Therapy Products & Equipment

Taking care of your horse before and after a competition is vital for them to be happy, healthy and performing at their best. Equine therapy products from Sstack.com are available both for preventing serious injuries and for aiding in recovery if an injury does occur. Being the strongest athlete in the world, everyday riding, training and competing can put enormous stress on the horse’s body as well as the joints. Providing the proper daily therapy routine will reduce the risk of injury, improve performance and minimize recovery time in the event of injury. We guarantee satisfaction on a variety of horse therapy equipment to help your steed function at 100 percent during a rigorous schedule.

Many different non-invasive equine therapy systems are available depending on their trouble areas. Cold therapy for horse products will reduce swelling, soreness and inflammation due to injury or a hard workout. We have knee and hoof gel wraps, leg ice boots, full horse wraps and compression ice wraps that minimize pain and promote circulation. Equine magnetic therapy is another proven way to accelerate recovery. Our magnetic sheets, wraps, quilts and other gear stimulate blood flow to injured areas that promote healing. If you’re looking for preventative horse treatment, ceramic therapy products use far infrared rays (FIR) to increase circulation via heat, which keeps muscles warm and relaxed so they’re less likely to strain.

Our wearable horse therapy products come from leading brands such as Dura-Tech®, Pressure-Ice®, Lux Ceramic Therapy® and UltraFlex that are known for their quality. In addition to these popular and effective therapy systems, we also have new-age products such has the TheraPlate for full-body vortex wave circulation therapy and the LASERwrap™ that uses laser technology to increase blood circulation and oxygenation. You can order a complete assortment of equine bandages, wraps and sleeves as well that provide support and protection. All of these premium horse therapy products come at the best prices from a company with 70 years and counting of value, innovation and commitment to the industry.