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Centurion Leg & Hoof Pad System
22613.a.zoom.jpg : 3
Centurion Leg & Hoof Pad System view #1
Centurion Leg & Hoof Pad System view #2

Centurion Leg & Hoof Pad System

Item # 22613
  • State of the art treatment for soft tissue, bone repair and blood revitalization
  • Pulsed electro-magnetic field therapy is highly effective and non-invasive
  • Penetrates deep to treat orthopedic conditions, chronic pain and acute inflammation
  • Hoof pad effectively treats abscess, concussion problems and lower leg swelling
  • Easy to use and ensures the overall health of your horse’s legs and hooves
  • 3 frequencies for varying levels of treatment
  • Includes:  AC generator, 2 leg wraps, splitter box, hoof pad and carrying case
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Centurion Leg & Hoof Pad System
Clinical studies have shown that pulsating magnetic fields can reduce pain sensations almost immediately.  By stimulating and regenerating cell tissue, it is a highly popular form of therapy for muscles, ligaments, bone repair, wound healing, and blood revitalization.  Optimum treatment time is 30 minutes but varies per injury, with some requiring 1 hour twice daily.  The AC powered unit can also be used on your horse’s back.  System includes:  AC generator, 2 leg wraps, splitter box, hoof pad and carrying case.  The splitter box allows use of the hoof pad and a leg wrap simultaneously.

 The Hoof Pad is used with the 9PH unit.  It is a durable pad made from heavy duty recycled rubber, making it great for use with horses.  The magnetic field penetrates from 12 to 15 inches, not only treating the hooves but also treating to just below the knee or hock.

1  Low     2Hz (50 Gz)  Reduces pain and inflammation
2  Medium  15Hz (60 Gz)  Stimulation
3  High  30HZ (80 GZ)  Increase Circulation

It is important to always start at the frequency setting of 2Hz as it will reduce inflammation quickly in most cases.  It is recommended to use this frequency for 3 days or until there is no pain or heat in the affected area.  The settings may be adjusted each day after depending on progress.  The settings need to worked up slowly.  If at any time heat returns, return to the lowest frequency.
Frequency measures the number of pulses per second (Hz).

Intensity is the pulling power of the magnetic field and is measured in Gauss (Gz) and is designed to work with the frequency.

Application of Equipment
The Centurion System wraps are easy to apply.  The leather leg wraps go around the led with the opening to the back and are held in place with Velcro strips.  They can be put on over standing wraps or polos.

The leg wraps can be attached together by the Velcro strips and can be laid over the back, shoulder or neck area.  
Key Features:
Designed to last
• Treats multiple body areas
• Portable
• Timed treatments
Optional Accessories:
• Hoof Pad
• Hock Boot
Power: Input – 115V/60Hz. or 230V/50Hz.
• Power: Output – 18V/60Hz. or 18V/50Hz.
• Unit weight: 8 Kg. (17.5 lb.)
• Generator: 356mm (14″) x 254mm (10″) x 140mm (5 ½”)
• Wrap weight: 2 Kg. (4.5 lb.)
• Wrap: 508mm (4″) x 305mm (2 ¼”) x 32mm (2 ¼”)

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