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Straighten hair while helping it shine using a premium horse detangler. Our equine detanglers come as a spray or gel that removes all types of tangles in a flash. Order show-worthy products from brands you can trust at Schneiders.
Ultra® Magic Detangler
$7.99 - $39.99
Cowboy Magic® Detangler™ & Shine
$22.99 - $42.99

Give Manes and Tails a Show Sheen

Even horses that receive regular hair care can develop tangles due to work, weather or active lifestyle. Horse detanglers instantly loosen tangles, knots, dreadlocks and other hair problems so they can painlessly be brushed or combed out. They do so without damaging the hair. In fact, many detanglers also contain horse conditioners and other ingredients to rebuild hair strength, restore shine and add volume.

Using a mane and tail detangler greatly reduces grooming time while improving results. Detangler spray for horses are easy to apply and go to work right away on wet or dry hair. There are also detangling gels and lotions that can be massaged in without leaving stickiness, oiliness or residue.

Find the Best Horse Detangler

Our collection of detanglers includes trusted brands like Straight Arrow, Cowboy Magic®, Eqyss and Ultra®. Use them on braided or straight hair to eliminate even the worst knots and help prevent them from forming. Products such as Eqyss® Mega-Tek Equine Rebuilder and Cowboy Magic® Detangler & Shine are all-natural with no synthetic polymers, silicone or toxic ingredients. Shop at Schneiders where we have been committed to fellow equestrians since 1948.

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