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Horse Ear Plugs

Help Drown Out Loud Noises with Horse Ear Plugs
Horse Ear Plugs
Horse earplugs are an excellent way to provide noise cancellation during trailering, riding, showing, clipping, or loud noises such as fireworks or construction. Use horse ear plugs to help keep your horse more relaxed, calm, and focused.

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Pomms™ Ear Plugs
Pomms™ Ear Plugs
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Natural Merino Sheepskin Ear Plugs
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Natural Merino Sheepskin Ear Plugs
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Pomms™ Premium Smooth Equine Earplugs - Pack of 4
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Using Horse Ear Plugs for Noise Cancellation

If your horse tends to be startled or become spooky from scary sounds and loud noises, horse earplugs can be a great way to dull those noises so your horse can relax. Horse ear plugs are an easy and affordable way to offer your horse hearing protection. Whether using clippers, trailering, or loud sounds like fireworks or construction being done at the farm, earplugs can reduce those sounds to be more muffled, lowering the risk of them becoming frightened.

Horse ear plugs are also popular for some riders to use at competitions to help their horse focus and drown out distracting sounds outside of the show arena that may cause them to spook, and as horse ear protection during events like mounted shooting. There are different types of horse ear plugs, like soft, sheepskin ear plugs or the popular Pomms™ Ear Plugs are soft and squishy, so they form into your horse's ear without causing any discomfort.

Frequently Asked Questions About Horse Ear Plugs

Do earplugs help spooky horses?

Yes, earplugs can help a spooky horse become more relaxed and less startled by sounds and loud noises. Using horse earplugs reduces noise and muffles surrounding sounds so your horse can focus more on the task at hand.

How do I get my horse to use earplugs?

To get your horse used to wearing earplugs, you can start by using them for short periods while in their stall, where they are most relaxed. Offer them treats while slowly rolling each ear plug into their ear canal, then softly pushing it down so that it fits snug enough to stay in their ear but not so far down that it will be uncomfortable. Gradually work your way up to your horse wearing them while being ridden at home and for use during stressful situations, horse shows, trailering, or clipping.

How do you fit horse earplugs?

To fit horse earplugs, you want the earplug to sit snug inside their ear canal so that they don’t fly out when your horse shakes their head. Most foam-style earplugs will fit average-sized horses and come in pony sizes for smaller ears. Sheepskin ear plugs can be trimmed down to fit your horse or pony for a perfect fit!

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