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Ear Plugs

Ear Plugs
Ear Plugs
Find ear plugs for horses at Schneiders that provide the best noise cancellations. We carry circular and cork-shaped plugs to help any horse that gets easily distracted. Both full-size and pony-size ear plugs are available for a perfect fit.
2 Colors
Natural Merino Sheepskin Ear Plugs
15104_black.jpg image Natural Merino Sheepskin Ear Plugs
15104_brown.jpg image
Natural Merino Sheepskin Ear Plugs
$4.79 - $5.99
Pomms™ Ear Plugs
Pony Pomms™ Ear Plugs

Horse Ear Plugs That Improve Comfort and Focus

A good set of horse ear plugs will comfortably prevent loud booms and sudden crashes from disturbing your horse. Some horses are very sensitive to sound and can react aggressively. Using ear plugs will greatly reduce intense noises while still allowing them to hear normal tones. They are also a useful aid to help horses focus during training without distraction.

Equine ear plugs are also known as pom-poms or no-hear-ums. This first name comes from the fact that they usually similar in size to a pom-pom. Most are made of fluff or foam that slides right into the ear canal. They also protect the ear from water and wind.

High-Quality Ear Plugs

Ear plugs are available in multiple styles. Pomms™ foam horse ear plugs are the shape of a golf ball to fit snuggly. A smaller size is available for ponies. There are also EquiFit® cork-shaped ear plugs that create a seal with the ear canal and natural merino sheepskin ear plugs that are supremely comfortable for sensitive animals. All of these horse ear plug styles are washable. Get the best horse ear protection from the Schneiders collection.

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