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Horse Fly Masks

Protect and keep your horse comfortable with a horse fly mask – all season long.
horse fly mask
horse fly mask

A horse fly mask protects your horse's face and eyes from biting insects, like flies and mosquitos, while offering UV protection during turnout. When you buy a fly mask from Schneiders, you can choose between various styles and materials that fit your needs. From options with the best insect protection to airflow, having ear or no-ear coverage, pull-on to zipper closures, and everything in between, you’ll know your horse will stay protected and comfortable with a fly mask from Schneiders.

» Everything you need to know about fly masks

» Everything you need to know about fly masks

X-Spand® Mosquito Mesh Fly Mask Without Ears
43331_blue.jpg image
X-Spand® Mosquito Mesh Fly Mask without Ears
$79.99 - $84.99
$54.99 - $59.99
up to 31% off
The average rating for this product is 4.5 out of 5 stars 16 Reviews
Cashel® Quiet Ride™ Fly Mask
The average rating for this product is 4.5 out of 5 stars 81 Reviews

Fly Masks for Horses

At Schneiders, you’ll discover horse fly masks that are not only attractive but fit great and protect your horse from pesky bugs. We carry various fly masks with multiple feature options, like material type, ear coverage or not, forelock holes, extra nose coverage, and more. You can also browse ear bonnets and fly veils that reduce noise while protecting your horse from flies, these are typically worn while in the arena to allow your horse to focus on the ride.

Use our convenient filters to narrow your search based on these and other variables.

Frequently Asked Questions About Horse Fly Masks

What are fly masks?

A fly mask protects your horse’s face and eyes from flies, gnats, and other biting insects, as well as harmful UV rays. Using a fly mask for your horse is a great way to ensure that your horse is comfortable during fly season. Some horses even need to wear a fly mask year-round for various eye or allergy conditions, reducing UV-ray exposure or limiting the amount of dust or debris that can irritate sensitive eyes or ears.

Everything you need to know about fly masks

Which horse fly mask is best?

The best fly mask keeps biting insects off your horse’s face, is comfortable, fits correctly, and offers the best protection for your climate. There are many factors in choosing the best fly mask, like ear coverage and material. Explore these different materials to discover which fly mask could be best for your horse:

  • Mosquito Mesh: The best for insect protection; the tight weave in the 350D extra-fine ‘window screen’ mesh stops the widest range of insects, from minuscule midges to large horseflies.
  • X-Spand® Mosquito Mesh: The most comfortable AND best fly protection; this fly mask combines the Mosquito Mesh material with a lycra jowl to eliminate any gaps.
  • Soft Interlock Mesh: The Best for UV protection; this soft, comfortable 300D polyester mesh blocks 80% of harmful UV radiation.
  • Dura-Mesh: The most durable fly masks; the rugged 1000D vinyl-coated mesh stands up to the most rigorous horseplay in the paddock or pasture.
  • Ripstop Nylon: The best fly mask for hot weather; the 300D soft, shiny, reflective nylon mesh offers the best airflow, keeping your horse comfortable and cool.
  • Mosquito Mesh Hybrid: The Best Combination of Insect and UV Protection; you won’t need to compromise, thanks to the 350D mosquito mesh and 450D soft mesh at the ears.
  • UltraFlex: The Most Secure Fit; this fly mask material is soft and comfortable for all-day wear thanks to the 4-way stretch lycra material.

With the best fly mask, your horse will be more relaxed and comfortable, and their sensitive face, ears, and eyes will be protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays and insect bites.

What fly mask does my horse need?

When choosing a fly mask, you must consider the material, features, UV protection, and use. Choose a material that fits your climate and need. If you live in a warmer area, you may want to look at a mesh that offers breathability, like Ripstop Nylon. You’ll also want to consider the various features. Some fly masks include added ear protection, while others come without ears if a horse may be too fussy having something on their ears. Masks without ear coverage can stay on a more playful horse if they always lose a fly mask while still covering their sensitive eyes. If you have a light-colored horse sensitive to sunlight, you can browse by UV protection level. You can often find fly masks that have fun, designer faces, or colorful patterns.

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