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Horse Jumps and Equestrian Jumping Equipment

Arena Supplies
Arena Supplies
Whether for training or shows, Schneiders has the horse jumps you need to build a challenging course perfect for your property and horse. Explore individual jump cups, block jumps, poles and cones or get a complete set for your arena.
Easy-Up® Pinless Jump Cup
4 for $9.99 ea.
Mid-Winter Sale
Easy-Up® Jump Package #1
Financing Available
8 Colors
Burlingham Sports Stacker & Stand Combo - Pair
42699_black.jpg image Burlingham Sports Stacker & Stand Combo - Pair
42699_burgundy.jpg image Burlingham Sports Stacker & Stand Combo - Pair
42699_green.jpg image Burlingham Sports Stacker & Stand Combo - Pair
42699_gray.jpg image Burlingham Sports Stacker & Stand Combo - Pair
42699_navy.jpg image Burlingham Sports Stacker & Stand Combo - Pair
42699_purple.jpg image Burlingham Sports Stacker & Stand Combo - Pair
42699_red.jpg image Burlingham Sports Stacker & Stand Combo - Pair
42699_royal.jpg image
Burlingham Sports Stacker & Stand Combo - Pair
New Item
Free Shipping
Wooden Rails
$26.99 - $61.99
$26.99 - $42.99
Easy-Up® Jump Package #2
Financing Available
Burlingham Sports Riser Blocks Set Of 8
40704_white.jpg image
Burlingham Sports Riser Blocks Set Of 8
Free Shipping
3 Colors
Jump Block
30795_red.jpg image Jump Block
30795_white.jpg image Jump Block
30795_blue.jpg image
Jump Block
3 Colors
Rail Razer
30796_blue.jpg image Rail Razer
30796_red.jpg image Rail Razer
30796_white.jpg image
Rail Razer
Easy-Up® Pinless Track Jump Cups
4 for $15.99 ea.

Create Your Own Course with Quality Horse Jumps

Schneiders is your equestrian superstore, with everything you need in Western and English tack, supplies, horse care products, equestrian jumping equipment, riding apparel and training gear. With our top-quality jump packages and individual pieces, you can create your own horse jumps for a custom course or a dressage arena. From Easy-Up®, we have complete jump packages, plus separate pieces you can use to design your own course. You'll also find other equestrian jumping equipment and training cones for sale at affordable prices. Colored cones (sports cones) can be used for additional visual interest and excitement.

The jump packages and equestrian jumping equipment we offer from Easy-Up® have been tested and approved by equestrian centers at colleges and leading trainers. All items contained in their jump packages are manufactured in the U.S. and meet ASHA regulations. This equipment is weatherproof, maintenance-free and lightweight for easy assembly and portability. Packages include pieces such as wing standards, training standards, brush boxes, flower boxes, vinyl walls, jump cups and gates, depending on the model. If you need additional pieces or prefer to design your own course, pieces are available separately. Everything is made from durable PVC material, and is easy to move around and set up. Choose from training standards/jumps, vinyl jump planks, ground flower boxes, training cavalettis, jump standards, Liverpool water obstacles and pinless jump cups.

Don’t forget to explore our block jumps, training cones and more. These jump components are heavy-duty, made in the U.S. from waterproof high-density plastic. You'll find jump cups, colorful rainbow cones, orange and white training cones, dressage training letter cones (sold in a set) and high-visibility dressage markers replacement letters. There are also poplar and pine wooden rails, one-handed jump cups and jump cups with pins.

Equestrian Jumping Equipment to Suit Your Needs

Create your own personal jump course or dressage arena with our English horse jumps and dressage cones. These products are made of maintenance-free PVC that’s lightweight and durable, so they make a brilliant addition to any facility for training and beyond. We also have the ideal cavaletti for your basic training needs or to get your beginner riders on track for success.

Other kinds of jumps we offer include one-handed jump cups that fit onto standard uprights and have no sharp corners, separate pins or holes to align. You can change them with just one hand. Of course, we also have a wide variety of horse jump poles that allow you to easily adjust the height of your jumps for different challenges. Options such as The Stacker from Burlingham Sports lets you build a jump to your preferences, from 6 inches to 2 feet.

If you’re looking for a great option for building your own trail course, gymnastics and cavalettis, we recommend the Rail Razer from Horsemen’s Pride. This brilliant lift safely lifts up trot poles with interlocking units that let you achieve a range of different heights. It’s made of durable high-density plastic that’s lightweight for easy moving and stacking. If you don’t see a horse jump here to suit your needs, please get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to provide you with personalized advice.

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