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The horse leg and hoof therapy solutions at Schneiders give you a leg up in training, injury recovery and competition. Whether you’re wondering how to fix a crack in a horse’s hoof or looking for adjustable horse leg wraps from trusted brands, we’ve got you covered.
Equine Light Therapy® Medium Kit
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Equine Light Therapy® Medium Kit
Free Shipping
Lux® Ceramic Therapy No Bow Leg Wraps
$19.99 - $49.99
Equine Copper Quick Wraps
5/A Baker Ice Boots
Free Shipping
Lux® Ceramic Quilts
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Lux® No Bow Leg Wraps
New Item
Hoof Wraps Hoof Soaker

How to Fix a Crack in a Horse’s Hoof & Other Leg Therapies

Horse leg care is paramount for equestrian success, no matter what level you’re at. From warming muscles up before a competition to cooling down after exercise to recovering from overuse or injury, your horse’s needs change over time.

Schneiders carries a full line of horse leg and hoof therapy solutions that combine commonsense prevention with cutting-edge innovation. We’ve included leg wraps that feature copper or ceramic fibers woven in for long-lasting therapeutic benefits that are noninvasive and drug free. cold therapyy options run the gamut from leg soakers and ice packs to whirlpool boots and automated systems that combine targeted compression with deep-tissue cold therapy.

From low-tech hoof boots for how to fix a crack in your horse’s hoof to the high-tech ArcEquine® Microcurrent Therapy System, we’ve got therapy solutions to meet all your needs. Magnetic therapy, equine light therapy, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy and massage therapy can all be part of horse leg care at Schneiders.

Trusted Brands and Free Shipping

Our horse leg and hoof collection includes trusted brands, like Lux®, Dura-Tech®, Pressure-Ice®, Equine Copper® and more. Our knowledgeable staff look forward to answering all your equestrian questions, and free shipping is available on all qualifying orders.

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