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Horse Polishes & Shines

The Top Products to Shine and Polish a Horse's Coat, Manes and Tail.
Horse Polishes and Shines
Add that extra touch to your horse’s natural beauty with horse coat polishes and coat shines. Whether you prefer a spray, polish, gel, or chalk, you can have your horse’s coat ready for the show ring in no time.
Vetrolin Shine 64 Oz
Vetrolin Shine 64 Oz
The average rating for this product is 5 out of 5 stars 31 Reviews
Ultra® Conditioning Hair Polish
Ultra® Conditioning Hair Polish
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The average rating for this product is 5 out of 5 stars 17 Reviews
Ultra® Sparkle Light Oil with Sunscreen
Ultra Sparkle Light Oil with Sunscreen
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The average rating for this product is 5 out of 5 stars 12 Reviews
EquiFUSE Shine Perfect + Shine Spray
EquiFUSE® Shine Perfect + Shine Spray
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Using Horse Coat Polish and Shine to Enhance Your Horse’s Natural Beauty

Once you have bathed or groomed your horse, using a horse coat polish or shine product as that final touch can not only make your horse glisten but repel dust, nourish their hair, and help keep them looking clean even longer.

Horse Coat Polish: This is the perfect finishing product to add exquisite shine to your horse’s coat before they enter the show ring or a photo shoot! Horse coat polishes will make your horse’s coat dazzle, adding shine to every hair, bringing out muscling and features while also nourishing the coat.

Horse Coat Shine: Using a horse coat shine, most often coming in sprays, can be misted over a horse from head to tail adding a beautiful, natural shine while repelling dust and stains. These products can also help add shine and conditioners to manes and tails.

Highlighters: Are used especially around the horse’s face to highlight areas like the muzzle, ears, and eyes, creating intense highlights and added depth. Horse highlighters are commonly used in conformation, breed, and Halter classes to really accentuate their features.

Touch Up Paint and Chalk: For those times when your horse might have a scar, scrape, or stain and you need to touch up areas on their coat or socks to blend in. Touch-up paint and chalks for horses come in different colors to match your horse’s hair for the perfect finishing touch before entering the show pen.

Detanglers: Horse detanglers smooth out tangled manes and tails so that you can comb through them without pulling out hairs, which ultimately thins hair over time. You can help prevent knots and tangles from happening when you keep your horse’s mane and tail well groomed, conditioned, and maintained with horse detanglers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Horse Polishes and Shines

How do I make my horse’s hair shiny?

After grooming or bathing your horse, using a horse coat polish or shine spray is a great way to add a beautiful, glistening shine to their hair that can often last up to a week while helping repel dust, stains, and dullness in the coat.

How do you moisturize a horse's skin?

To moisturize your horse’s skin, proper grooming with a curry comb to loosen dust and dander while also spreading the natural oils of the coat can help naturally moisturize their coat, especially the more frequently that you curry their coat. You should also incorporate using quality horse coat polishes and shine products to maintain a healthy coat while adding nourishing moisturizers and oils into the skin for that final touch.

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