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  • Call us at 1-800-365-1311

Medicated/Anti-Fungal Shampoo for Horses

Chronic skin conditions caused by fungi and bacteria are often difficult to eliminate. Early treatment will speed healing and relieve your horse’s discomfort and sensitivity.

  • Effective in treating scratches, rain rot, girth itch
  • Alleviates dry itchy skin and rubbing

  • Contains tea tree essential oil (melaleuca oil) to effectively fight bacterial and fungal infections
  • Effective against rain rot, scratches, mange, ringworm and girth itch
  • Promotes healthy skin while producing a shiny coat, mane and tail
  • Low sudsing action cleans deep and rinses ultra clean eliminating residue build up
  • Conditions the skin and coat to retain moisture balance
  • 32 oz.
  • Made in the USA
  • Unconditional money back guarantee
  • Unsure which Ultra® Shampoo is best for your horse? Click here

$22.99 $17.99
  • Fast-acting formula aids in the control of scratches, rain rot, girth itch and more!
  • Helps your horse or pony stop scratching, itching, biting, or rubbing red irritated skin. 
  • Provides a healthy environment for healing.
  • Non-toxic, will not sting or hurt open wounds
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Made in the USA
  • 32 oz
For an even greater value, check out Ultra®!
$23.99 $19.99
Medi-Care™ is a powerful shampoo that benefits from a combination of ingredients to combat numerous stubborn skin conditions. Tea tree oil is an antibacterial, antifungal and lemongrass oil is an antiseptic, fungicidal with insecticidal properties that work naturally to bring fast, effective relief. Blended together, this rich formula nourishes the skin and coat to maintain overall health. Tough on skin issues, gentle enough for daily prevention.  Can be used on dogs.  USEF abd FEI compliant.

  • 32 oz.
For an even greater value, check out Ultra®!
Officinalis® DER Soothing Shampoo for Horses

The ingredients in this soothing shampoo are specifically formulated to focus on soothing irritated skin and recurrent skin conditions especially related to insect bites or sweet itch.

  • A gentle cleanser to soften, loosen and remove accumulated body oils, dirt and debris
  • Contains Tea Tree Oil imported from Australia to gently dissolve dirt
  • Rinses out easily. Will not leave residue on skin
  • Non-irritating, specially formulated for equine use
  • Helps speed up cleansing process
  • Made in the USA

If your horse is suffering from a chronic skin condition such as dry, itchy skin or a bacterial infection, you want to find fast and effective treatment. These medicated horse shampoos and anti-fungal treatments are formulated to provide gentle yet thorough cleansing and treatment of various skin ailments such as rain rot, girth itch, dry skin, scratches, ringworm and mange. We offer the highest performance products from companies like Ultra®, Shapley’s™, Excaliber® and Eqyss. For a fast solution to skin irritations, use high-performance anti-fungal shampoo for horses.

The Anti-Fungal and Anti-Bacterial Benefits of Tea Tree Oil and Other Natural Ingredients

Tea tree oil is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and is a powerful ally against fungal and bacterial infections. This safe yet powerful essential oil promotes a shiny coat, tail and mane as well as healthy skin. It helps the skin and coat retain a proper balance of moisture, and it rinses out completely without leaving any residue. Lemongrass is another beneficial natural substance that is a fungicidal and antiseptic, with insecticidal characteristics. These formulas are suitably gentle for daily maintenance and prevention.

Soothing, Non-Toxic Equine Shampoo Formulas

Shampoos such as Medi-Care™ are designed to work fast, yet won’t disturb open wounds. This American-made formula can help control girth itch, rain rot and other skin conditions, for a more comfortable horse. It’s also eco-friendly.

Deep Cleaning, Yet Gentle

Also made from imported Australian tea tree oil, our sheath cleaner loosens and removes dirt and body oils, speeding up cleaning. Specially made for use on horses, it won’t irritate their skin and leaves no residue.

Our Large Inventory of Horse Grooming Supplies

At Schneiders, we have all your horse grooming supplies, including quality shampoos, conditioners, finishing products, horse brushes, sweat scrapers and sponges, grooming gloves, mane and tail brushes, branding supplies, vacuums, horse twitches, hoof care products and grooming bags for all your gear.