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Horse Toys

Horse Toys
Horse Toys
Visit Schneiders online to find an assortment of horse toys to use during playtime. We carry high-quality toys for horses that help relieve stall stress and boredom. From horse balls to play feeders, there’s a toy your horse will love.
Stall & Pasture Toy 8"
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Stall & Pasture Toy 8"
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Use Horse Toys to Help Your Training

Horses are often seen as majestic, stately creatures. However, they have a natural desire to play just like dogs. Horse toys satisfy this desire while also improving training. Some of the benefits of horse toys including promoting good eating behavior and digestion, encouraging herd play, reducing winter stall stress and preventing boredom.

There are two primary types of horse toys. A sturdy oversized horse ball is something that one or multiple horses can play with. Hanging stall snacks are also beneficial. These give horses a treat they must work for and have the added advantage of making grain meals last longer.

The Best Horse Toys for Stall & Pasture

Schneiders has high-quality toys from leading brands such as Jolly Pets, Likit, Burlingham Sports and Uncle Jimmy’s. The Jolly Ball™ horse toy is one of the most popular options. We carry Jolly Balls with handles, scented horse balls, Mega Balls and other styles. Other toys include an assortment of hang-up stall snacks and refill kits along with the boredom-busting Hay Play Feeder. We’ve been a trusted source since 1948 and will help you find the right toys for good horseplay.

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