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Horse Training Tack
Horse Training Tack
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12" Whip Popper 3 Pack
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Wonder Whip 36" Riding Whip

Horse Training Equipment: Schneiders is your one-stop shopping source for all your horse training gear. We have the highest quality horse training equipment and training supplies from leading suppliers like Billy Royal®, Double S, Premier and Dura-Tech®. Training a horse is challenging yet extremely rewarding work, and these built-to-last products will make the process easier and more successful.

English Training Equipment: Training your horse or preparing for competition is part of a daily routine. Be confident in knowing your training equipment is reliable and made to handle the assignment.

Browband Headstalls: These handsome?browband training bridles?and browband headstalls are frequently used for training in addition to shows. Made from quality harness leather, they are as practical as they are attractive. The browband and throatlatch keep the bridle from slipping off while you're riding.

One-Ear Bridles and Headstalls: One-ear headstalls?are the mainstay of training barns. Some headstalls have hardware that allows bits to be quickly switched out for a different horse. The headstalls are made from top-quality, Grade A leather that will endure the rigors of everyday use.

Draw Reins and Side Reins: Draw reins?are used while riding and side reins are used for lunging. Both are essential leverage training tools that encourage the horse to flex at the poll, in addition to encouraging them to use their back and hind quarters. These are intended for use only by experienced professionals.

Training Cavesons: Cavesons?are used for developing suppleness and flexibility when you don't want to engage pressure within the horse's mouth. They're useful for ground work and lunging in addition to riding. These cavesons include sturdy brass hardware.

Western Sidepulls: Crafted from high-quality harness leather, these?sidepulls?are a preferred tool for training young horses that aren't ready for a bit. Teach basic stops and side-to-side turns, as well as using it for regular riding when you don't want to put hardware in the horse's mouth.

Training Martingales and Forks: To establish the proper head set,?training forks and training martingales?are indispensable. They allow lateral movement and release pressure when the horse complies with the proper head position.

Western Training Reins: We offer a varied selection of?rugged reins?that can withstand regular use. They have the ideal weight and balance to cut out excess swing that may be misinterpreted by the horse.

Ground Driving, Lunging and Specialized Training Equipment: Use?ground driving equipment, such as training surcingles, to teach young, inexperienced horses basic commands and get them accustomed to neck and bit pressure before introducing a saddle. lunging equipment is a key part of training as well as a way to maintain fitness. Warm-up horses prior to shows and as part of rehab after inactivity. Specialty training equipment?includes Arabian tack kits and training halters.

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