Horse Treats

Spoil your horse with flavorful treats that are high in nutritional value and sturdy toys that act as stress relievers and boredom busters.
Horse Treats
Horse Treats
5 Colors
Uncle Jimmy's Hanging Balls
18765_apple.jpg image Uncle Jimmy's Hanging Balls
18765_molasses.jpg image Uncle Jimmy's Hanging Balls
18765_sugarfree.jpg image Uncle Jimmy's Hanging Balls
18765_carrot.jpg image Uncle Jimmy's Hanging Balls
18765_peppermint.jpg image
Uncle Jimmy's Hanging Balls
3 Colors
Uncle Jimmy's Licky Things
31259_molasses.jpg image Uncle Jimmy's Licky Things
31259_apple.jpg image Uncle Jimmy's Licky Things
31259_carrot.jpg image
Uncle Jimmy's Licky Things
Stud Muffin 50 Pack
5 Colors
Standard Likit Refills
15313_mint.jpg image Standard Likit Refills
15313_carrot.jpg image Standard Likit Refills
15313_apple.jpg image Standard Likit Refills
15313_banana.jpg image Standard Likit Refills
15313_molasses.jpg image
Standard Likit Refills
Stud Muffin Slims 45oz
2 Colors
Jolly Apple Stall Snack
15811_apple.jpg image Jolly Apple Stall Snack
15811_peppermint.jpg image
Jolly Apple Stall Snack

The Tastiest Horse Treats For Sale at Schneiders

Your horse deserves a treat for a successful training session or a good trail ride, and you can give them just that with our selection of horse treats for sale. We offer the best treats that are both tasty and contain many of the vitamins and minerals that your equine needs. Horse treats are an excellent form of positive reinforcement for animals that show you're proud of their accomplishments. We have selected the best snacks and delicacies made by companies such as Mrs. Pastures®, Dimples®, Buckeye® Nutrition, MannaPro®, Ginger Ridge™ and Uncle Jimmy's that are authorities in animal nutrition. Your horse will look forward to these treats and will do what's necessary to earn them! 

Schneiders only sells natural horse treats that are used and endorsed by the top veterinarians and animal nutritionists. They are made with human-grade ingredients, and in addition to regular wheat-based horse treats, we also have options that use rice bran. These low-sugar horse treats are a great choice for animals with weight or metabolic issues. In addition to containing the macro fats, proteins and fibers that are needed for day-to-day riding, our treats have trace minerals that are necessary for long-term physical and mental function. And with carrot horse treats, apple treats, peppermint treats and other flavors, there's something that will delight your horse's taste buds.

Even the pickiest steed will find a treat that they love at Schneiders. You'll find bite-sized biscuits, cookies, nuggets, muffins and wafers that come in resealable packages to preserve freshness. We also have mineral blocks and hanging stall treats that last for weeks and come often provide self-entertainment along the way. Suffice to say there's no shortage of delicious and nutritious horse treats in our inventory. And they contain no artificial flavors, colorings or preservatives that can affect your horse's performance. Give horses the best during and after a show or training session by rewarding them with a great treat. Note that horse treats are not returnable.

Fun Horse Toys & More  

Your dog has a whole arsenal of fun, stress-busting toys, so why shouldn't your horse? Horses that spend a great deal of time in the stall or even in the pasture need toys for horses to keep them from growing bored or restless, which often leads to gnawing on stall doors or fences, kicking, digging or other bad behaviors. 

For horses that are frequently in the stall, horse stall toys help to decrease boredom and keep your horse occupied. Schneiders carries Jolly Balls™ that are made of incredibly sturdy polyethylene that requires no air, so it can't be stomped or broken. These balls also feature a handle on one side so that your horse can toss them around and pick them up to play while in the stall. Sturdy Steed brand products are also fun toys in the form of tasty blocks that can be tied to a rope in the stall for your horse to lick and nudge around. These blocks are made of minerals and selenium that improve your horse's health while still tasting great. Likit™ boredom busters also keep even the smartest, most difficult horses entertained while in the stall by providing a challenging, multi-directional movement for mental stimulation. 

For horses kept in a field or pasture, you might still want to provide some entertainment to prevent them from getting bored or damaging fences and gates. In these cases, Schneiders carries horse toys in larger sizes that can withstand outdoor play. Larger Jolly Balls™ offer the same high-quality durability and bouncy fun in a bigger size that works in outdoor settings. We also offer other types of heavy duty molded plastic toys that your horse (or horses) can throw around, roll with their noses and kick when they're feeling frisky.

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