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Horse Treats

Spoil your horse with flavorful treats that are high in nutritional value and sturdy toys that act as stress relievers and boredom busters.
Horse Treats
Horse Treats
Horse Treats from Schneiders let you treat your horse like a champ, whether you’re rewarding good behavior or sneaking in a pill. Choose from tasty treats that include the grains horses love with low-sugar and organic options made in the U.S.
Dimples Horse Treats With Pill Pocket
New Item
3 Colors
Uckele Equi Treats Bite Size 12oz
42565_cherryvanilla.jpg image Uckele Equi Treats Bite Size 12oz
42565_peppermint.jpg image Uckele Equi Treats Bite Size 12oz
42565_applebanana.jpg image
Uckele Health & Nutrition Equi Bite Size Treats
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Stud Muffin Slims 45oz
3 Colors
Little Likit Refill
15312_mint.jpg image Little Likit Refill
15312_apple.jpg image Little Likit Refill
15312_molasses.jpg image
Little Likit Refill
5 Colors
Big Licky Refill
33453_carrot.jpg image Big Licky Refill
33453_molasses.jpg image Big Licky Refill
33453_sugarfree.jpg image Big Licky Refill
33453_apple.jpg image Big Licky Refill
33453_peppermint.jpg image
Big Licky Refill

Choosing the Best Horse Treats for Your Equine Friend

Choosing the best horse treats to include in your horse’s training and diet regimen is important. Schneiders carries a wide selection of flavors and types of horse treats to keep your horse healthy, stimulated and happy while you bond.

Reward Good Behavior: When you’re training your horse for competition, a reward system is paramount. The healthy, high-quality horse treats Schneiders carries let you reinforce good behavior with tasty treats that won’t undermine an overall healthy diet.

Mask Medications: It can be tough to get your horse to swallow pills. Many of the horse treats in our collection either include an interior pill pocket or are malleable enough to mold around a pill. These horse treats taste so good, they’ll never know there’s medicine inside.

Stimulate, Soothe and Slim: Horse treats that make your horse work for the reward yield multiple benefits. A hanging snack or carrot-filled ball distracts from the boredom of stall rest, stimulates learning and increases dexterity. Many of our horse treats are low in sugar and starch but high in antioxidants and fatty acids for optimal dietary health.

A Full Line of Healthy Horse Treats

From Stud Muffin Slims to German Minty Muffins to Uncle Jimmy’s Licky Things, we’ve got the high-quality horse treats your horse loves. We carry only the best brands, and we stand behind all our horse care products with the 100% satisfaction guarantee you’ve come to expect from Schneiders.

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