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Dura-Tech® Breakaway Cribbing & Grazing Muzzle
15502c.a.zoom.jpg : 3
Dura-Tech® Breakaway Cribbing & Grazing Muzzle view #1
Dura-Tech® Breakaway Cribbing & Grazing Muzzle view #2
Dura-Tech® Breakaway Cribbing & Grazing Muzzle view #3
Dura-Tech® Breakaway Cribbing & Grazing Muzzle view #4

Dura-Tech® Breakaway Cribbing & Grazing Muzzle

  • All in one, durable nylon halter with attached muzzle
  • Features breakaway leather tab for optimal safety
  • Ideal for preventing laminitis, founder, obesity and cribbing
  • Comfortable padding around the nose prevents rubbing
  • Stainless steel grate bottom allows horses unlimited water
  • Rubber muzzle insert affords maximum grazing/cribbing control
  • Sizes: Full size or cob
  • Includes extra breakaway leather tab
  • Replacement disk is 6.5" in diameter
Item Options / Availability Quantity Price

Dura-Tech® Breakaway Cribbing & Grazing Muzzle

38% Off $56.99 $34.99

Replacement Disk

in stock
$7.99 $5.99
Matching Accessories Options / Availability Quantity Price

Dura-Tech® Cribbing/Grazing Muzzle Liner

$19.99 $17.99

This was our second Muzzle--


Our horse chewed on the wooden barn and anything else she could find. The muzzle works very well in stopping that. She can eat her pellets with no problem and the breakaway feature is important for safety.


yucca valley california


works well


Bought this because my gelding keeps biting my mare. Without the rubber piece in the bottom he can still eat his hay or graze but cannot chew on the barn or my other horse. Seems to work well although he did manage to get it off one day while I was at work. I only use it during the day and in cunjunction witrh the wool liner and I added some fleece over the buckles because it was leaving grey stain on his face. No problem with rubs.




Works well


I have been using this muzzle since the past summer. My horse bites his pasturemates. My horse accepted this very easily and was able to eat grass without any problem. I do use the sheepskin liner to keep it from rubbing his nose. I also had to add a fleece covering on the piece at the bottom that goes under his face as it has sharp edges that rubbed him raw. The fleece solved the problem. My issue with it has been having some rips of the nylon muzzle part when my horse decided to rub it to try to get it off a few times. I ended up taking it to a shoe maker to have it repaired but adds to the cost. I have two of these so I always have a back up. I originally tried the one that attaches to a halter and it kept ripping. This full halter one works better.


Buffalo, NY


Do not recommend


This contraption will not stay on my horse. The throat strap is too loose/long, Their is no adjustment and he just rubs it off withing two minutes of putting it on, no matter how tight it is over his ears. You have to leave it loose enough that it doesn't rub his lips and teeth, so off it goes. My horse has a fairly narrow and long head, with a smallish throatlatch. I would suggest they make the throat strap adjustable. Worthless in my situation. I should send it back, but haven't, yet. It may work on a different horse.




This breakaway muzzle is working


My horse is not a cribber but does have the bad habit of biting others who play too hard. I have tried the cribbing muzzles that latch onto a halter but I think this one is a bit lighter and is not rubbing my horse's jaw.


Bristow, VA



4.1 43


Does this muzzle allow for unobstructed breathing?


Yes, the design does not inhibit breathing.

Schneiders Saddlery Customer Service

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