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Pro Panel Stall Grazer® 3 in 1 Corner Horse Feeder
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Pro Panel Stall Grazer® 3 in 1 Corner Horse Feeder view #1
  • Pro Panel Stall Grazer® 3 in 1 Corner Horse Feeder view video
  • Pro Panel Stall Grazer® 3 in 1 Corner Horse Feeder view #2
    Pro Panel Stall Grazer® 3 in 1 Corner Horse Feeder view #3

    Pro Panel Stall Grazer® 3 in 1 Corner Horse Feeder

    Item # 22749

    FREIGHT QUOTE - This item requires a freight quote. We will contact you for your approval before we process your order.

    • Unique ground level design allows horses to nibble all day
    • Horses will develop and adopt sound eating habits
    • One piece molded polyurethane w/large center hay compartment
    • 2 small compartments on each side for grain, supplements or salt blocks
    • Hay stays off of the ground to eliminate ingesting colic causing materials
    • Made in the USA
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    Item Availability Quantity Price
    ships from manufacturer in 1-2 days
    $212.99 $179.99

    This unique hay feeder design has successfully changed the way we typically feed our horses. This 3 in 1 horse feeder is a one piece molded polyurethane product that has a large center compartment and two smaller side compartments. The center compartment holds an ample supply of hay and the smaller side compartments are designed to hold loose salt and minerals as well as grain and nutritional supplements.

    Over time you will see a change in the way your horse eats. Instead of rapidly consuming all the hay at feeding time twice daily the horses start to eat smaller portions and nibble at the feed all day long as they do in nature. Instead of developing bad stall habits they comfortably and slowly eat their feed.

    The Pro Panel 3 in 1 Horse Feeder is ideal for use inside box stalls or outside your barn in mare motels and runs. The horse is a browser and by nature wants to eat approximately 17 hours a day. It is virtually impossible for a horse to eat with its head elevated becuse horses' teeth do not come into alignment until the head is in the down position. The 3 in 1 horse feeder sits at ground level allowing your horses to eat comfortably while keeping your expensive hay off the ground. The hay stays in the feeder and your horse is not eating off the ground ingesting sand and other colic-causing materials. The savings in hay, shavings and labor can easily return the cost of the feeder again and again.

    More Million Dollar Riders, veterinary clinics and equine universities use the 3 in 1 feeder than any other horse feeder on the market today attesting to how well this horse feeder performs.

    Pro Panel Inc. has manufactured this horse feeder right here in the USA for the past fifteen years with thousands of satisfied customers. Start feeding your horse the way nature intended with the Pro Panel 3 in 1 Horse Feeder today!

    Q: What is the best way to clean the 3 in 1 Feeder?
    We routinely use a shop vacuum once a month to remove any dirt or debris left from our hay. If need be the feeder can be removed from the stall and power washed on an annual basis. Most veterinary hospitals will disinfect the feeder by wiping it down between patients. The interior of the ProPanel 3 in 1 Feeder is non-porous to help prevent the buildup of bacteria with minimal maintenance.

    Q: Why do Pro Panels work so much better than conventional hanging feeders?
    Pro Panel feeders sit at ground level where horses are designed to eat. Horses do not eat with their head in an elevated position. Horses will pull the hay out of hanging feeders and eat off of the ground where they are most comfortable.
    Q: Why is it called a 3 in 1 feeder? 
    Pro Panel feeders have a large center opening for hay and a compartment on each side for grain, salt, minerals, etc.

    Q: How do Pro Panel feeders install? 
    In minutes with 2 screws and 2 fender washers.

    Q: Do the feeders stand up to extreme weather? 
    Yes.. Pro Panel feeders are molded from impact resistant polyethylene that will withstand extreme temperatures (-40 to 120 F).
    Q: Why is it made in black?
     We manufacture all of our feeders in black because it is the most UV resistant color and does not break down as easily as lighter colors over time. There are ProPanel 3 in 1 horse feeders that have been in continuous use now for over 15 years.

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