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Dura-Tech® Mesh Feed Bag
06476.a.zoom.jpg : 3
Dura-Tech® Mesh Feed Bag view #1
Dura-Tech® Mesh Feed Bag view #2

Dura-Tech® Mesh Feed Bag

Item # 06476
  • Ideal for use on trails or horses that sling grain
  • Durable, tightly woven mesh prevents grain loss
  • Great for older horses or the “nervous eaters”
  • Solid vinyl bottom with adjustable crown piece
  • Fits most horses and ponies
  • Measures:  11”H x 9” diameter
  • Black only
Item Availability Quantity Price
expected on 3/16
$21.99 $14.99

Excellent Product. Fast Delivery time


Excellent product



Does not compare to Cashel brand of same item


This is a good effort at duplicating the Cashel feed bag. It is disproportionately long and does not have the solid backing bottom/bib so this can be used with supplements. I think it could be improved and a great product. right now its not meeting my needs.


Bardstown KY


The Best Feed bag I've found!!


I have ordered many feed bags from various retailers. This was the 1st company offered one to fit my Clydesdale AND it is def the best quality! I had already ordered 3 for our smaller horses a day before I ordered this one. They are already peeling and wearing through on the bottom. So I will be ordering again soon and it will be from you!!

Heaven Help Us

Punta Gorda, Fl


Decent for the money but won't hold up to a figity horse


It will work with my mares cuz they ate pretty gentle. Don't try to shove their nose thru the bottom. However, I will never put it in front of my stallion. He thinks when the bottoms is empty put your nose thru it to find more. He succeeded




I am a repeat customer


Very useful product

Val's Corral

Val's Corral Perkiomenville PA


Love this product would definitely recommend it


Use this for our messy eater which is also great when you are at a horse show or trail riding. Love it the lip on the bottom can be alittle hard to wash but it is very durable and a good value.


Grain Valley, MO




Can leave my horse in with his herd when using this feed bag. No worries if he decides to take.a drink before the bag is removed.




Feed Bad


We like the quick clip on the strap and nice fit. However we were disappointed that the strap came off of the bag after only a couple uses.

Horse Mom


Great buy for the price!


I bought this feed bag to ensure my messy eater was getting all her grain and make feeding more convenient for myself. I used these feedbags to feed some of my horses while out with the rest of the herd. For the majority it works, they protect their meal by walking away from the rest when they get close. However, I have one mare who stands still while the ones not getting grained pull the bag off the horses' faces. This has caused holes and the netting to tear away from the noseband in the one mare's bag. I ordered a new one and separated her while feeding. It has held up well over the last few months without any holes or tearing. I would recommend to others, just would caution against feeding around other horses.


Vulcan, MI


3 of 4 broke within 2 months


I bought 4 of these two months ago. The first one broke...the bottom literally fell off... within 2 weeks. A couple of weeks later , one of the straps tore off. Yesterday, another one had the bottom fall off. I am right in the area while the horses are eating, the bags come off as soon as they are done. Maybe I got a bad lot, I don't know. I love the way they worked otherwise, will be looking to buy more, just a different brand.


Greenville, SC


Dura-Tech® Mesh Feed Bag

4.5 73


I have to soak my older geldings feed. Will the mesh bag hold grain that is soaked?


The bottom is made of a fine mesh that will let water drain out. If grain is soaked or if you feed a mash, the bag should hold the contents quite well.


How many pounds of grain will this comfortably hold?


Although the bag could hold about 10 lbs, I typically put about 5lbs in. Seems like a comfortable fit for the horse too. I also use the bag "inside out" - makes it easier to clean out.  Sent from my iPhone


I use these for my gelding who is an aggressive eater and throws his bucket around and my old mare who has few teeth and drops a lot of her food. The work great and easily hold 3 lbs. of sweet feed.


since your horse has to be able to get his nose down in the bag comfortably I only put in one scoop of feed which is about three lbs.


My horse gets a large scoop and a half of pelleted complete feed and it holds it well.   Sent from Mail for Windows 10    


I was able to fit 2.5-3 pounds of grain in mine  Sent from my iPhone


Not more than 2-3 Sent from my iPhone


Can't tell you exactly but more than any horse should eat at one time. Easily holds 4 quarts. Pointless without His presence


Our customers are the best source of information. Based on their responses, this mesh feed bag holds the largest rations and allows the horse to eat comfortably.


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