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Classic Equine SensorFlex Pad 34x38
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Classic Equine SensorFlex Pad 34x38

Item # 37896
Good looking pad designed for shock absorption and contoured comfort. This SensorFlex pad is 34"x 38" in a beautiful chevron pattern with accent colored wear leathers and close contact cut out under the leg area.

Top layer is made of heavy double woven 100% New Zealand wool, known for its incredible looks and durability. Shock absorbing 7/8" wool felt center with an ultra-soft 28 oz. fleece underside to wick moisture and optimize comfort.

  • Colors: Brown/White, Black/Turquoise, Sand/Navy, Grey/Ivory, Cream/Chocolate
  • Size:  34" spine x 38" drop
Item Options / Availability Quantity Price
$110.99 $99.99
Matching Accessories Options / Availability Quantity Price

Dura-Tech® Multi Saddle Pad Carrier

$44.99 $29.99

Best Pad I've Ever Bought!


This is easily the best pad I have ever bought or used. My horse has a long back, and so my saddle is built the same way. I haven't ever been able to find a pad that actually fits since they're all too short. I've had to use two pads to make up for the length, which can be uncomfortable for the both of us. With the extra few inches, I don't have to worry anymore! And with the extra padding for the horse's spine and back, we're both very comfortable! In fact, my horse is on the warm side at times, and since we've started using this pad, he's loosened up. I have nothing but great reviews for this pad. I hope you get this pad too!

Kass the Rider

Temple, Tx


Like this pad


This is a very attractive pad. It appears to be well made and of first class materials. I'm very pleased, for the price it is a good value.


Bakersfield, CA


Classic Equine SensorFlex Pad 34x38

5.0 2


The way the measurements are posted on this pad are different than others. Is it a 38" spine/34" drop?


34 spine/38 is drop from one side to the other.

Customer Service

What is the total thickness of this pad?


The thickness is .875 inches.

Community Answer

This is 1 1/2"

Customer Service

I have a 12 year old thoroughbred used for trail riding and am considering the Classic Equine SensorFlex Pad 38x34 and the Dura-Tech Support Contoured Pad with Tekno-Dri. He is a little high in the withers. Which would you recommend or should I consider another pad.


We would recommend item 38039 has a contour wither, canvas top and fleece bottom. They are not on the web yet. They should be up in the next week or so. If you would like to order one please contact customer service at service@sstack.com

Customer Service