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Insta-Hot® 2 Portable Horse Washing System Combo with Cart
25595.a.zoom.jpg : 3
Insta-Hot® 2 Portable Horse Washing System Combo with Cart view #1
  • Insta-Hot® 2 Portable Horse Washing System Combo with Cart view video
  • Insta-Hot® 2 Portable Horse Washing System Combo with Cart view #2
    Insta-Hot® 2 Portable Horse Washing System Combo with Cart view #3
    Insta-Hot® 2 Portable Horse Washing System Combo with Cart view #4
    Insta-Hot® 2 Portable Horse Washing System Combo with Cart view #5
    Insta-Hot® 2 Portable Horse Washing System Combo with Cart view #6
    Insta-Hot® 2 Portable Horse Washing System Combo with Cart view #7
    Insta-Hot® 2 Portable Horse Washing System Combo with Cart view #8
    Insta-Hot® 2 Portable Horse Washing System Combo with Cart view #9
    Insta-Hot® 2 Portable Horse Washing System Combo with Cart view #10
    Insta-Hot® 2 Portable Horse Washing System Combo with Cart view #11
    Insta-Hot® 2 Portable Horse Washing System Combo with Cart view #12
    Insta-Hot® 2 Portable Horse Washing System Combo with Cart view #13

    Insta-Hot® 2 Portable Horse Washing System Combo with Cart

    Save $50 with this Combo Deal!
    Item # 25595


    No More Cold Baths

    Insta-Hot® 2 takes the stress out of bathing your horse, increasing the water temperature by 77°F for a more comfortable bath. Perfect for bathing horses, pets, or washing your truck and trailer. This horse wash can be wall mounted or made portable with the Insta-Hot® 2 Cart, a perfect solution for horse shows or camping.  


    Looking for the Insta-Hot® 2 System without the cart? Click Here

    full description
    Item Availability Quantity Price
    in stock
    $449.99 $399.99
    Matching Accessories Options / Availability Quantity Price

    Insta-Hot® 2 Unit

    $429.99 $299.99

    Insta-Hot® 2 Unit features include:


    • Increases water temperature up to 77° warmer at up to 2.65 gallons per minute
    • Operates off any standard 20 lb. propane tank for up to 18 hours of use
    • Control knobs to select single or double burner for a wider temperature range
    • Safety tilt switch ensures shutoff if unit tips from standard position
    • Automatic safety shut off after 20 minutes of non-use
    • Removable drain valve to avoid water pipe and regulator damage caused by freezing
    • Vent top keeps unit clean and creates a draft for heat exhaust
    • Includes: Insta-Hot 2 unit, gas regulator line, 25’ hose with brass nozzle, universal brass couplers, Plumber’s tape, wall mount plugs, and easy to follow instructions
    • Measures: 22” x 12” x 7”
    • Weight: 18 lbs.

    Cart features include:

    • Industry leading 5 year Easy-Up® Warranty against breakage
    • Built in wire grooming basket and 3 tack hooks
    • Recessed bottom safely and securely seats a standard 20 lb. propane tank
    • 8” solid all terrain wheels
    • Durable square tube construction with an armor coat finish
    • Assembled measurements: 48”H x 26”D x 17”W
    • Weight: 25 lbs.
    • Some assembly is required

    Water gets hot, pressure not


    The water heats up great, but the water pressure is not decent for washing horses. Still had to rinse with cold water to get the soap out.

    Clydesdale Girl



    The real deal


    Took this to the Nashoba Carriage Classic show to wash my horse and drew a crowd each time we used it. Expect several new orders Schneiders!

    E&E Driving

    Huntsville AL


    I would buy this again !


    I bought this so I could give my large dogs warm water baths outside. This was easier than hiring someone to install a tankless water heater in my yard shed and risk the plumbing freezing. I made my husband put everything together for me. Unfortunately he forgot to remove the plastic caps from the batteries and he installed them backwards. Simple fix. Once I figured that out, I had warm water. I bathed two dogs the first day. I love that it's portable too !


    Newberg, Oregon


    Great little product.


    This filled a need. Good product, easy to use. Not crazy about the coiled hose, but I think I can fix that.


    Union MO


    I would buy this again!


    Finally I can bathe my horses where they are comfortable! The water temp is perfect and the hose works perfectly. I read several reviews where people didn't think there were enough directions, troubles etc. I didn't have any issues at all. I can't say enough good about this. I have only used it a few times, but so far so good!


    North Dakota


    Absolutely brilliant!


    This is the best hot washer ever... It is quiet, gives truly unlimited hot water, variable temperature & does not need electricity!!! It's not fussy to use & everyone at the barn now wants to use it...




    Works Awesome!


    The Insta Hot 2 works great! I never ran out of hot water. My horse had an extremely thick (think yak) coat full of suds, and it maintained a perfect warm rinse. My hands didn't freeze. My horse was super happy for a warm bath. The only reason I gave 4 stars and not 5 is the lack of directions to hook the hoses to the unit. Fortunately my husband is knowledgeable in this stuff so he was able to figure it out easily.




    I Love this product


    I have been using the Insta hot to wash my horses and my dogs


    Bickleton Washington


    I Love This Product


    Convenient and easy to set up and use. Can't believe I waited so long to buy one!


    Mulino Oregon


    I would definitely recommend this product


    I love how easy this is to use. I bought mine with the cart. The cart is easy to roll around and the unit heats right away. Best product I have purchased in a long time. Great product!


    Bickleton WA


    Insta-Hot® 2 Portable Horse Washing System Combo with Cart

    4.5 25


    It indicates in the description that this has a 5 year warranty. What is covered in the warranty?


    The Insta Hot unit itself is covered by a 1 year warranty from manufacturing defects. The Easy Up Cart is covered by 5 year warranty from breakage and manufacturer defect.


    Do I use teflon tape on the LP fittings?


    Yes, you should use the teflon tape that is included with the unit on the LP fittings.


    We live at 6400 feet elevation. Does the Insta Hot 2 work at this altitude? A neighbor has the regular Insta Hot. It did not give us enough hot water to bathe our horse. We use well water.

    Lou & Bob

    The Insta Hot may not function as effectively and efficiently in altitudes that are over 4000 feet. Generally, a tankless heater will lose 4% of its BTU for every 1000 feet above 4000 feet, so it won't get as hot as at lower elevations.


    Is it possible to get replacement knobs for the older Insta-Hots? We had to take ours apart after it sprung a leak to repair it, and we somehow lost the knobs so we have to adjust the water temp with a pair of Vise Grips on the post.


    You can contact the manufacturer for replacement parts at 1-866-356-1992.


    How is this system better than the Insta-Hot Portable horse Washing system (first generation)? I am trying to understand the extra price.


    I bought the one with the dual burners. I use this mainly for water for mixing mashes and feed. I feed older horses and we felt it would get water hotter quicker. It does get hot, but my son says it might go through the propane faster and if you are just washing horses and don't want hot hot water you might do better with the first generation. My grandaughter washes her horse she just sets the settings to use the one burner. Hope this helps. Margaret Shepherd


    This unit has two burners when the original only has one. You can switch between using one or two burners depending on how warm/hot you want the water. I need the second burner in the winter when the well water is very cold. I use the single burner once the ground has warmed. Hope this helps. >


          Easiest thing is to read the product info. The "2" heats up to 77 degrees higher than water temp and the original only 40 degrees.  Also the "2" has nearly twice the gallon per minute flow.    


    The Insta Hot 2 is a more powerful unit. It will deliver 2.65 gallons of hot water per minute compared to 1.4 gallons for the original. It also has dual burners that help you regulate water temperature.


    Will this system have enough warm water to bathe two big horses back to back - or will i have to bathe one..then let the water heat back up and bathe the other one?


    Yes - the water stays warms as long as you have propane.  We wash multiple horses back-to-back over a period of weeks before we need a new bottle of propane.  It keeps the water consistently warm during use.  Think of it like a BBQ grill...  it's hot every time you fire it up, as long as it's on, until the tank is empty.  


    Yes - it heats the water instantly as you wash.  you have hot water as long as the gas lasts.  the horses love it. Sent from Outlook  


    As long as you have propane, you will have a supply of hot water.


    As long as you have propane in the tank, it has unlimited hot water, I do find that you need to reduce the water volume for hot water. Sent from my iPhone Please excuse any typos, auto corrections or punctuation errors.


    Hot water on demand.   reply      


    I bought the dual burner model on the recommendation from a trainer and she didn't steer me wrong. I have all the hot water I need. Could bathe 2 big horses and keep going.  Sent from my iPhone


    Hi There - What are the care instructions? Does this product require special storage or can it be left in an unheated shed or garage during winter months? We are considering pone for heating warm water in our barn this winter


    The unit will need to be drained to keep the coils, etc. from freezing and cracking. There is a drain plug on the bottom and for best results, blow compressed air through the lines to be sure all the water is out. The unit is best stored in a heated area.


    We have never drained ours over the winters. We kept it outside in the trailer as well. We bought another one only because our trainer has the other at another barn.


    How it works - Insta-Hot 2 Portable Horse Washing System

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