Innovative Fabric Technology: Stable Blankets

Stable Blanket Fabric Technology: What's Under the Hood?

Waterproof, Windproof and Breathable, what does it all mean?

Stable blankets are designed to keep your horse cozy while allowing your horse’s skin to breath. Any sweat or moisture created underneath the blanket from your horse’s body regulating its temperature should be expelled out through to the air. This breathable aspect of stable blanket design is what keeps your horse warm, dry and comfortable in all kinds of weather.

All Schneiders stable blankets and sheets are designed to be breathable, but we also offer the following specially designed technical fabrics to keep your horse warm and comfortable, even in fluctuating temperatures.

Technical Fabric: Tekno-Dri® Inner Layer

Kiss those smelly, damp blankets goodbye. Our exclusive Tekno-Dri® inner lining wicks moisture away and enhances breathability, leaving your horse healthy, warm and dry under their blanket. This is ideal for fluctuating temperatures during the colder months.

How Tekno-Dri Works

Technical Fabric: Tekno-Fleece for Changing Temperatures

How does Tekno-Fleece work?

Our Tekno-Fleece® insulating lining is the perfect solution for fluctuating climates. The Tekno-Fleece® Insulation layer offers moisture-wicking technology between the inner nylon lining that is smooth against your horses coat, and the outer layer of the blanket. If your horse begins to sweat, from a change in temperature, moisture is pulled away from the skin, transferred through the outer later and evaporates, leaving your horse comfortable and dry.

Tekno-Fleece® blankets are a great option to have for those in-between days when it’s a bit colder than just needing a stable sheet, but not quite cold enough for a heavier blanket. This feature is also helpful for horses stabled at boarding barns or if you are not able to constantly monitor or change blankets throughout the day with changing temperatures.