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Joseph Sterling Horse Boots

Joseph Sterling Horse Boots
Joseph Sterling Horse Boots
Joseph Sterling Horse Boots are traditionally made with top quality leather and decorative stitching that protects and breathes like no other horse boot material. Shop Joseph Sterling Carbon Open Front Boots, Joseph Sterling Carbon Ankle Boots, Joseph Sterling Open Front Boots and more.
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Joseph Sterling® Open Front Boots
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Joseph Sterling® Horse Boots – Traditional Protection

Joseph Sterling Horse boots are made of quality, soft American leather with decorative stitching providing the traditional look, protection and function of a superior horse boot. These boots offer optimal styling and protection, perfect for the show ring or everyday riding.

The Joseph Sterling Carbon Horse Boots have a foam inner core with neoprene lining providing protection and ventilation. With a no-turn design, Joseph Sterling Carbon Horse Boots stay in place even during rigorous training and movements. The carbon fiber strike plate provides additional impact protection in the back areas prone to striking. Complete with hook and look closures to properly fit the boot and keep it securely on your horse’s leg.

The open front Joseph Sterling boot has reinforced leather strike plates for added protection with traditional elastic closures with button stud fastening. These closures help to reduce pressure points and provide a great fit.

Leather is naturally breathable and strong making it a wonderful material for horse boots. This along with the decorative fine stitching makes the Joseph Sterling Horse Boots beautiful, durable and functional addition to your horse’s tack.

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