Kalglo® Electric Radiant Infrared Heater HS-2420

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Kalglo® Electric Radiant Infared Heater HS-2420
Stay warm, save energy, time and labor with this radiant infrared heater, with no open flame! Perfect for barns in grooming stalls, wash racks, etc. A safer alternative for use around animals, for heating up small areas during cold weather.

  • Downgoing infrared rays heat the space directly below it, rather than the air around them, making this perfect for tack areas and wash racks
  • 240 volt, 2000 watts, 8.3 amps
  • Heaters come complete ready to use; no expensive plumbing costs or necessary routine maintenace as with gas heaters
  • Heaters provide large heat patterns and low intensity heat, making this a safer option for use in areas with animals
  • Includes durable metal sheath heating elements, no glass tubes or lamps, and no open flame
  • Emit NO UV (Ultra-Violet) light
  • No switch or built-in control; when plugged in, unit will come on full and stay on full until unplugged or turned off
  • Not designed to be used in horse stalls based on the above design
  • Unit can be turned off/on by a circuit breaker, a switch controlling the receptable or by a thermostat
  • Can be regulated manually by wall mounted electro-mechanical power regulartors or electronic dimmer controls (not included)
  • Unit can also be regulated automatically by a temperature control (not included)
  • Aluminum with baked enamel finish in beige
  • Each heater comes complete with a 7 ft. cord and plug, hardware, and enough hanging chain to hang the heater 6 1/2 ft. down from the ceiling
  • In a wash stall, only one heater is needed and it is usually suspended about 8 ft. above the floor
  • 6" W x 65" L
  • Made in the USA

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