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Knee Boots for Horses

Give your horse protection from knee injuries while working, jumping, and training with horse knee boots.
Knee Boots for Horses
Horse knee boots are an important piece of equipment for any horse regularly working or exercising. They help to protect the knee from impact and wear and can also help to prevent injuries. Several types of knee boots for horses are available, each offering different levels of coverage. Adjustable straps can help to ensure a good fit, and ergonomically molded designs can help to reduce rubbing and chafing.

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Lux Ceramic Therapy® Knee Wraps
Lux® Ceramic Therapy Knee Wraps
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Classic Equine Knee Boot
Classic Equine Knee Boot
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Choosing the Best Horse Knee Boots

Horses are impressive animals, and their gracefulness is one of the things that makes them so lovely to watch. However, all that running and jumping can put a lot of strain on their legs, and knee injuries are not uncommon. That's why it's important to use horse knee boots to help protect the knees during training and competition.

There are various knee boots available, so you can choose the ones that best suit your horse's needs. If your horse is already dealing with soreness or inflammation in the knees, therapeutic knee wraps may be a good option. Therapeutic knee wraps can help to reduce pain and swelling using ceramic therapy. You're sure to find the type of knee protection you're looking for at Schneiders.

Frequently Asked Questions Knee Boots for Horses

What are horse knee boots for?

Horse knee boots protect the horse's knees from scratches, scrapes, and other injuries. They are typically made of tough, durable materials like neoprene, and they fasten around the horse's leg with straps or buckles. Horse knee boots are often used during riding, but they can also be useful for turnout or other activities. For these reasons, horse knee boots are essential to any rider's tack trunk.

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