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Lux Ceramic Therapy® Quick Wraps

The average rating for this product is 5 out of 5 stars 93 Reviews
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For boots that can provide the same Lux® benefits during training, we recommend:
The average rating for this product is 4 out of 5 stars 15 Reviews
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Lux Ceramic Therapy® Quick Wraps
Easy-to-use Lux Ceramic Therapy® Quick Wraps for horses can be applied before and after exercise or training to speed up warm-up and recovery of the horse's legs. Ceramic Therapy is a cost-effective, powerful rehab, recovery, and preventative maintenance solution. The ceramic fibers in Lux® reflect heat into the body as far infrared rays (FIR). FIR expands blood vessels and increases circulation, allowing the body to fuel working muscles and repair damage more efficiently. The added Tekno Dri® material keeps the legs cooler and wicks away moisture from their legs. These wraps will break down scar tissue and reduce wind puffs without liniment or poultice, making them great for reducing inflammation caused by cellulitis.

  • Apply before and after exercise to speed warm-up and recovery
  • Ideal as a stable wrap while training or trailering
  • Breathable neoprene outer with lycra-bound edges
  • 320g fiberfill quilted inner wrap with Lux® ceramic lining
  • Additional Tekno-Dri® material to keep legs cooler and wick away moisture
  • Inner wrap detaches easily for laundering
  • Contoured design provides suspensory support
  • 4 hook & loop closures with elastic inserts for a secure fit
  • Not recommended for turnout or use on pregnant mares
  • For Front legs, we recommend using sizes Medium & Large
  • For Hind legs, we recommend using sizes Large & X-Large
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Lux Ceramic Therapy®
  • Sold in pairs

Professional Reviews
Professional Review
Holly Muench
NCHA Non-Pro Cutter
Teryn Muench Performance Horses, Marietta, OK
”I use Lux Ceramic Therapy® Quick Wraps on my horses when we are traveling to and from shows. I have one horse with some arthritis and on another who has had a past suspensory strain. I have noticed improvements in both horses within just a couple of uses. The simple design makes them easy to use, they stay on and the removable padding makes cleaning them easy.&rdquo
Jim Becker
Quarter Horse Trainer
Becker Show Horse, Scenery Hill, PA
”I love my Lux Ceramic Therapy® Boots and Wraps, I use them every day. They make my horses legs look great. We noticed improvements right away with the horses being less stiff when coming out of the stall. The boots are holding up great. I would recommend them to everyone. These Lux Ceramic Therapy® Hock Boots are the best hock boots I have ever used. They stay in place and I have found that I can cut my hock injections in half by using these therapeutic boots on a regular basis.&rdquo
Professional Review
Professional Review
Liz Flohr
AQHA Professional Horseman
Liz Flohr Performance Horses, Canonsburg, PA
”I love my Schneiders Lux Ceramic Therapy® products! I not only use the products on my show horses but I use them everyday on my standardbred racehorses. The Ceramic sheet kept My Cherry Pie not only warm all winter and the therapeutic benefits helped keep my mare in top racing form all winter. The Lux items are so well made it and holds up perfect for everyday use. It also relaxes my colt while he is cooling down after he trains hard on the track everyday. I love these products.&rdquo
Machine wash at 30°C/86°F with mild detergent (we recommend our Schneiders® Blanket Wash #20912). DO NOT use fabric softener. Line Dry Only.
Lux Ceramic Therapy®
Size Shell Height Padding Height Horse Height
Medium 11.5" 14" 14.2-15.1 hh
Large 12" 15" 15.2-16.1 hh
X-Large 13" 16" 16.2+ hh

If you have any questions about this product or a type of fit, please contact us at 1-800-365-1311 or

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