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Majyk Boots for Horses

Majyk Boots for Horses
Majyk Equipe exclusively offers horse boots with ARTi-LAGE protection. In tests, ARTi-LAGE outperformed other leading protection foams. It’s a dilatant material that can change its molecular state under impact. This makes it the perfect material for horse boots! Shop top-selling Majyk horse boots from Schneiders.

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Majyk Horse Boots - We Are Riders First and Foremost

In 2016, Majyk was the choice of 3 out of 4 US Olympic Eventing Team riders. In 2017, 16 riders at Rolex International rode out in Majyk boots - making them the #1 choice at Rolex International. Thanks to its products' excellent design and construction, Majyk Equipe has established itself as a leading player in the horse protection market. They continue to develop new and innovative products that improve the safety and welfare of horses everywhere.

Majyk hard shell boots are designed to provide a consistent, strong but flexible outer shell for your horse. The inner liner is made of two types of material, a light, breathable, eco-friendly bio-foam that repels water and dust and a super-soft impact-protective element. Both types of horse boot liners are hypoallergenic and help protect sensitive horses from allergic reactions.

Majyk's inner strike guards feature a proprietary new technology called ARTi-LAGE. ARTi-LAGE is a dilatant material that can change its molecular state. This makes it incredibly tough and durable while still being lightweight and comfortable for your horse. With Majyk horse boots, you can be confident that your horse will have the protection and comfort they need.

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