Manes & Tails

Mane and Tail Care for Horses
Mane and Tail Care for Horses
Make your horse even more beautiful with affordable mane and tail care for horses. We carry everything you need for show preparation or a regular grooming day. Order products from Dura-Tech®, Ultraflex®, Super Bands, Canter and other trusted brands.
Schneider's Braid Aid Comb
Schneider's Latch Hook
3 Colors
Schneider's Braiding & Banding Rubberbands
10677_darkbrown.jpg image Schneider's Braiding & Banding Rubberbands
10677_white.jpg image Schneider's Braiding & Banding Rubberbands
10677_black.jpg image
Schneider's Braiding & Banding Rubberbands
Invisa Bands
6 Colors
Dura-Tech® Tail Bag
10627_purple.jpg image Dura-Tech® Tail Bag
10627_green.jpg image Dura-Tech® Tail Bag
10627_black.jpg image Dura-Tech® Tail Bag
10627_red.jpg image Dura-Tech® Tail Bag
10627_burgundy.jpg image Dura-Tech® Tail Bag
10627_navy.jpg image
Dura-Tech® Tail Bag
6 Colors
Ultraflex® Lycra Tail Bag
10624c_green.JPG image Ultraflex® Lycra Tail Bag
10624c_purple.jpg image Ultraflex® Lycra Tail Bag
10624c_black.JPG image Ultraflex® Lycra Tail Bag
10624c_burgundy.jpg image Ultraflex® Lycra Tail Bag
10624c_royal.jpg image Ultraflex® Lycra Tail Bag
10624c_navy.JPG image
Ultraflex® Lycra Tail Bag
$9.99 - $28.99
$6.99 - $19.99
3 Colors
Ultra® Mighty Bands™
40009_brown.jpg image Ultra® Mighty Bands™
40009_white.jpg image Ultra® Mighty Bands™
40009_black.jpg image
Ultra® Mighty Bands™
4 Colors
Super Bands™
10680_white.jpg image Super Bands™
10680_sorrel.jpg image Super Bands™
10680_brown.jpg image Super Bands™
10680_black.jpg image
Super Bands™
Dura-Tech® Neoprene Tail Wrap
Exhibitors Quic Braid™
$10.49 - $21.49

More Than Just Horse Tail Shampoo

The mane and tail are two of the most important parts of your horse. The mane provides warmth in winter weather while the tail helps convey emotion. Both also offer needed fly and insect protection. Horse mane and tail care is a vital part of grooming to help them look good and function as needed.

Schneiders offers the finest collection of grooming supplies for mane and tail. These products range from basic bath day products like horse mane conditioner to show day supplies. They are easy on the horse and on your wallet. Everything comes with an unconditional money-back guarantee.

All Types of Mane and Tail Care

There are many options for taking better care of your prized horse:

Mane and Tail Conditioner: Even a horse that’s never seen a show ring deserves soft, shiny hair. Our conditioners penetrate deep into the roots to moisturize manes and tails, repair damage, stimulate healthy hair growth and enhance natural color. Products such as Ultra® Mane and Tail use a non-greasy leave-in formula that can be applied wet or dry. Conditioners can come in gel or spray form.

Mane and Tail Brushes: Producing a gorgeous mane and tail requires daily maintenance. Damage to hair often occurs when removing tangles. Specially-designed horse brushes and combs alleviate hair breakage. Schneiders carries a varied selection of high-quality horse grooming brushes, combs and other equipment for effective daily maintenance of your horse's mane and tail.

For an effective horse mane brush, browse the different styles that we offer. Our own curved handle brush is comfortable to use with a non-slip handle and is priced right. It's made from durable plastic and has rubber tipped bristles that won't damage the horse's hair. This brush works itself easily through heavy tails and manes. We also have lightweight and durable mane and tail brushes with rubber-tipped bristles. The Oster® brush has a unique design for brushing in different directions and a specially designed grip for less hand fatigue. Other brands to check out are the Tail Tamer and The Wet Brush. Horse detanglers help repel dust and dirt while establishing a thicker appearance and impressive shine. Schneiders carries a variety of detangler brands such as Cowboy Magic®, Mane-ly, Eqyss, and Straight Arrow Mane 'N Tail.

Large plastic combs help to reduce tangles. Our braid aid comb helps you to create perfect braids and bands. The Schneiders aluminum pulling comb is for pulling and shortening manes in addition to separating hair for banding and braiding. The SoloComb™ lets you pull manes easily and quickly, giving you results that look like you hand-pulled. We also have SoloComb™ replacement blades.

Horse Braiding and Banding Supplies: Appearance is a big part of the show world, and in many disciplines, braiding and banding mane and tails are required to achieve the desired look. This process can seem daunting to some, but with braiding supplies from Schneiders, almost anyone can achieve a professional and polished result. With the right horse braiding and banding equipment, your horse will look gorgeous in the ring.

When it's time for braiding, our strong waxed braid thread and bands will hold fast. These come in many colors to accent your horse for a decorative touch or blend in. Products such as Easy Braid™ help get unruly manes under control. Latch hooks for simplifying braid pulls and tail extensions for adding volume should be a part of any groomer's braiding and banding kit. You can create your own kit using one of our grooming boxes or braiding bags and fill it with brands such as Super Bands™, Ultra®, Schneiders, Exhibitor's, and SoloComb™. You can even get horse slicker hoods for protecting a braiding job before a show.

Horse Tail Extensions and Bags: Depending on the discipline and your horse's breed, a full, thick tail may be needed. These natural horse hair extensions give the tail greater volume. All are made in the U.S. and AQHA legal — but check with your breed and association’s rules for details.

Many disciplines require a thick, long tail. Equine tail bags and protection products eliminate breakage, mud and dirt while promoting hair growth and manageability. There are machine washable Lycra® tail bags that are soft and stretchy and won't harm the tail hair. You'll also find braided tail bags and lightweight water repellent nylon tail bags that are fast and easy to put on. The Dura-Tech® tail pouch is made from elasticized poly/cotton material and it easily fits various tail sizes.

For those who use fake tail extensions, you'll find deluxe fake tail bags from Dura-Tech®. These padded nylon pads protect the tail extensions, so they remain tangle-free and in perfect condition for the next show. You'll also find high-quality vet wrap (bandage wrap) as well as Guard-Tex® self-adhering leg and tail wrap. This surgical wrapping gauze contains natural latex which makes it waterproof.

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